Coming Soon: Google AdWords Click-to-Text Message Extensions

Coming Soon: Google AdWords Click-to-Text Message Extensions
Experience a new age of digital marketing with the new Google AdWords Click-to-message extension
U.K., 27 October 2016 – A week ago, Google announced that the Google AdWords Click-to-text message extension would launch soon. What does this new development mean for business enterprises and entrepreneurs? This means that with the new mobile extension, people will be able to connect with advertisers through a simple SMS. One single click will connect them to the services they need. The upside of this is not just for customers but also proves helpful for businesses. This means they will lose fewer customers. However, this means that businesses must consider implementing the use of a text message tracking app to their business management protocols.

Click-To-Text is the Next Step
After several months of testing call extensions, Google is ready to take the next step. The text form of connecting with people aims to help customers who are call phobic, and those who want to avoid going on hold for several minutes or even hours. When users click on the message extension icon that will appear on listings on Google, the SMS app will automatically launch. All customers will have to do is type in their query and send the text to the service in question. reached out to Google for more information and published this statement:
We’re always experimenting with new ways to connect our advertisers with customers but don’t have further details to share at this time.

The image above shows how click-to-text operates. For business owners to start using this service, they must register their text contact detail online. The image below shows how businesses can obtain the click-to-text service and associate it with their listing on Google. It is an image of the Google AdWords advertisement unit. As you can see, it is a very easy and straightforward service.

Cost Implications for Using Click-to-text
Google will charge clicks on message extension, as it does for regular clicks on any headlines on Google. The good news for businesses is that they can set the messages at ad group levels and campaign levels. They can also schedule the message extension to appear at certain times during the day or on specific days. For example, they can use it when business is closed and during after work hours. They can also use an autoresponder, which can let customers know that they can expect a response when the business reopens.
There will be Reports on Messages

Google says that users can get reports on messages sent and received through the message extension. However, there is no defined way to measure the engagement of customers via the message extensions. AdWords doesn’t have the ability to do this for now. Right now, advertisers will have to use their own methods of tracking messages and information from messages. This is why many entrepreneurs have been using software solutions. Xnspy serves well as a text message tracking app, but comes with other monitoring and tracking features that benefit businesses.

Using Xnspy as Text Message Tracking App
The app allows users to see entire threads of conversations from a control panel. They can see all contacts with whom their target devices exchanged information. The app tells the contact’s number, current GPS location, and the time at which the target device sent or received messages. Users can also add specific words to the watchlist feature. This allows the app to notify them whenever the target person uses specific words in text messages. Since they can see all sent and received messages, making a report on text messages becomes very easy for businesses.

This text message tracking app also comes with other monitoring features that allow employers monitor their employees remotely. Other features include recording calls, recording ambient surroundings, access to conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook messengers, Skype, KIK, Viber, and LINE. They can also see all incoming and outgoing emails, photos, and videos. The app also logs browsing history and installed apps on the target device. Users have complete control and can lock the device or take screenshots whenever they want.
However, Google is not stopping at just providing click-to-text services. To go with the announcement of this new service, Google has provided a best practices manual for advertisers. The objective of this is to ensure that people abide by proper ethics of using such services. Therefore, Google urges users to read the instructions before using the message extensions. The extensions will be available to users worldwide within the next few weeks.

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