How much does the iPhone 7 cost across SouthEast Asia?

iPrice, an online site that helps you to discover items that you need, efficiently compare prices between stores, and have the latest promotional coupons available, has released a new infographic on the price of iPhone 7 across SouthEast Asia. Infographic from  (

From cheapest to most expensive:
The cost of the new iPhone 7 is significantly more expensive compared to the US. Reasons for this difference in pricing range from export/import costs, tax and fees imposed by the countries respective governments.

In countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, where the iPhone 7 has yet to be officially launched, Apple enthusiasts have resorted to getting the phone from abroad in the hope of being one of the first to own the phone. Unauthorized retailers are purchasing this latest model from countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, where it has been officially launched. The phones are then re-sold in their respective countries at higher prices, which can go up by 14% in Vietnam and by 49% in Thailand (refer to infographics).

*Average estimated price for iPhone 7 (128GB).

Average working days needed to buy an iPhone 7 (128 GB) in SouthEast Asia:
With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus made available since 16 September, Singaporeans has been coming in large groups excited to get their hands on the new Apple phone. However, as the first country in Asia to receive the new smartphone, many non-Singaporeans were at the line as well with people coming as far as from India and Vietnam. Singapore’s also had limit the number of buyers to two iPhone 7 and two iPhone 7 Plus per customer, as many are looking to own or resell it. Comparing with other South East Asian countries, Singaporeans were the first and easiest ones to obtain the new iPhones due to its early availability and the appreciation of the SGD as compared with USD. At its price announcement, Singtel offered the new iPhone at the lowest price point, just SG$27.90 monthly plan (plus SG$698 handset cost), while M1 offered the highest data allowance of 13GB on its top-tier plans.


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