Quann Launches Cyber Range in the Cloud

Quann Launches Cyber Range in the Cloud
First cybersecurity provider in Singapore to offer Cyber Range-as-a-Service to conduct end-to-end testing and simulations across physical, cyber and operational technology domains

SINGAPORE – October 10, 2016 – Formerly e-Cop, Quann, a Singapore-based Managed Security Services Provider and a business unit of Singapore’s leading security organisation Certis CISCO, has announced the launch of its Cyber Range that leverages on capacity from the cloud. The Cyber Range will not only offer a hands-on environment to develop and equip enterprise security teams to deal with cyberwarfare, but also provide organisations with the ability to simulate cybersecurity scenarios across physical, cyber and operational technology (OT) domains. It will also provide enterprises with the unique capability to test and validate cybersecurity solutions, tools and processes pre-purchase and post-installation. This allows enterprises to undertake a more effective evaluation of solutions as well as determine the appropriate security posture. 

Leveraging the flexibility of the cloud
Testing in a Cyber Range has traditionally been performed within the confines of a fixed, pre-designated physical location. However, by leveraging the advantages of the cloud, customers will have the flexibility and scalability to rapidly create, configure and validate their bespoke virtual environments regardless of geographical location. They will also no longer need to build and operate a separate physical environment for testing. This will allow organisations to focus their time and resources on staying vigilant and protected against cyber threats.

Aside from a cloud-based model, the Cyber Range will also be available via on-premise deployment or a hybrid of both on-premises and in the cloud. This offers companies deployment flexibility to meet their specific cybersecurity and operational requirements.

“With Quann’s Cyber Range-as-a-service, customers are no longer restricted to small networks or to virtual environments that may not be fully representative of the customer’s specific network environment and typical traffic. We provide full featured pre-configured and tailorable Ranges that are deployed on-demand in isolated environments, regardless of country or region,” said Foo Siang-tse, Managing Director, Quann.

Realistic simulation of enterprise network
Quann’s Cyber Range-as-a-service provides cybersecurity simulation in a controlled scenario designed to replicate an actual enterprise network environment. This enables organisations to efficiently bring their security teams up to speed with the latest developments in vulnerability exploitation, and conduct tools, techniques and solutions testing. Unlike other cyber ranges, Quann’s offering will allow users to test their defence capabilities through simulated attacks, which tap on an extensive library of the latest range of known and unknown threats.

“When it comes to cybersecurity, it is crucial for organisations to prepare for the unexpected. Capitalising on our expertise built around our 15-year industry experience, our security professionals continually develop new zero-day threats within the controlled environment of Quann Labs. Together with our extensive library of threats, customers can test their defence capabilities through simulation of attacks on a virtual environment. This provides greater effectiveness in testing a company’s vulnerabilities, as well as defence and response capabilities.” said Mr. Foo.

Another key feature of Quann’s Cyber Range is its ability to conduct end-to-end testing and simulations across physical, cyber and OT domains, enabling companies to implement holistic security strategies. This is of vital importance as attacks increasingly involve physical assets such as CCTV cameras and ATMs, as well as OT equipment including Industrial Control Systems.

The solution will be available in the Singapore market by the end of 2016.

Singapore’s Cyber Security Landscape
The launch of the Cyber Range comes at a time when there is a growing demand for skilled cyber security professionals in Singapore, and the line between physical and cyber security is blurring.

According to figures from IDA, now known as the Infocomm Media Development Authority, Singapore may require about 30,000 specialists in cyber security, data analytics and application development by next year. The growing Internet of Things (IoT) industry in Asia Pacific, on the other hand, is driving the convergence of physical, cyber and OT security. IDC forecasts that the IoT industry in the region will continue to grow, with the number of connected units expected to grow from 3.1 billion to 8.6 billion in 2020.

Quann’s Cyber Range will be on display at GovWare from 10 – 12 October at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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