Egistec and Suprema Partner to Provide Mobile Fingerprint Authentication Solutions for Top Tier Smartphone Producer

Egistec and Suprema Partner to Provide Mobile Fingerprint Authentication Solutions for Top Tier Smartphone Producer

SEOUL, KOREA, Nov 1, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - Suprema, a global leader in biometrics and identity solutions and provider of BioSign fingerprint authentication algorithm, today announced that the company enters into partnership with Egis Technology Inc., a leading global provider of fingerprint sensors.

The partnership will bring a solid layer of security and robustness for mobile fingerprint authentication of top-tier smartphone manufacturers by blending world's leading Suprema BioSign fingerprint algorithm and Egis's advanced sensor technologies.

Earlier this year, Suprema launched BioSign, a mobile fingerprint authentication solution at MWC 2016 which derived from the company's 16 years of expertise in biometrics.

Supporting of the world's smallest fingerprint sensor size is the key advantage of BioSign over competition. While reducing the size of the sensor, BioSign provides improved authentication performance compare to existing technologies.

"In general, fingerprint authentication performance has strong co-relation with size of sensors. While smaller sensors often result in poorer accuracy, BioSign overcame such inherent limitation, providing even superior performance with smallest sensor in the market. Such breakthrough will provides direct benefit in cost reduction to manufacturers," said Brian Song, CEO at Suprema.

In addition, BioSign provides unrivaled level of security by achieving lowest error rate (False Acceptance Rate) among competitions, and performs over 300% faster authentication speed while using 50% of memory to conventional solutions. Such advantages also make BioSign as an optimal choice for low-end smartphone markets where adoption of fingerprint sensors is emerging today.

"The latest market trend of growing demand for mid-range smartphones has significantly increased the needs for reduction in costs without sacrifice to performance or features. BioSign's capability to work with smaller sensors will help with cost reduction efforts."

"At Suprema, we are expecting more growth potential from mid-to-low range smartphone segments as BioSign is designed to support low-cost smaller sensors and takes less memory than existing solutions. BioSign is now on testing at a number of top-tier smartphone producers and we expect successful market entry in near future," Song added.

Earlier to this contract, Egis Technology Inc. announced that the company's fingerprint sensors are selected to Samsung Galaxy A5 and Galaxy C7 models.

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