Fujitsu and SAP Begin Delivery of Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry to Achieve Connected Manufacturing

Fujitsu and SAP Begin Delivery of Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry to Achieve Connected Manufacturing

Collaborating with an eye on expanding to global markets, working toward Industrie 4.0

TOKYO, Nov 24, 2016 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu Limited and SAP Japan Co., Ltd. today announced their agreement to collaborate in the solutions business, targeting manufacturing facilities, and setting their sights on expanding to global markets.

This collaboration will combine SAP's scalable supply chain solutions, which, building on existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for manufacturing, sales and procurement, can manage manufacturing performance, together with Fujitsu's systems integration services, which utilize its manufacturing expertise in a range of industries and operations. These integrated offerings will be made available by both companies in Japan.

The partners will offer two products from SAP's scalable supply chain solutions in the manufacturing domain:

SAP Manufacturing Execution is capable of managing entire processes in manufacturing facilities, analyzing them in real time, and issuing reports. In addition, the system manages manufacturing performance for each production operation on-site, as well as information on quality and traceability, enabling the user to build a foundation for ensuring market quality and improving facilities.

SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence enables connection with, and data collection from, manufacturing execution systems (MES), systems that collect data from production lines, and a variety of on-site devices, such as PLCs(1), DCSs(2), SCADAs(3), and inspection equipment, as well as core systems such as ERP. At the same time, it supports optimal decision making through the analysis and visualization of a wide variety of data from manufacturing facilities.

The increasing complexity of operations in manufacturing facilities has fragmented systems across departments, creating difficulties in connecting data from various operations and sharing information in real time. By deploying these solutions, however, operations data that was divided between various departments can be linked across the entire length of the supply chain, from sales to procurement, production and manufacturing, enabling visualization and resolution of the various incidents which occur in manufacturing facilities.

The two companies, working toward Industrie 4.0, are considering offering these connected manufacturing solutions not only in Japan, but to Asia and other regions around the globe.

Summary of the Collaboration

1. Supporting improved productivity by linking the two companies' technologies

By providing SAP's SAP Manufacturing Execution and SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence with Fujitsu's manufacturing experience specialized for a variety of industries and operations, both companies will contribute to business growth by further accelerating companies' digital industrial innovation.

2. Strategic partnership in Japan

Based on their strategic partnership for their business in Japan, Fujitsu will receive technology training related to these SAP solutions, as well as sales and implementation support, and the two companies will actively work together on sales promotion activities for these solutions.

3. Joint global expansion

Fujitsu has already started offering SAP's scalable supply chain solutions in the US, and in light of the current offerings in Japan, the two companies are considering future joint expansion to Asia and other regions.

(1) PLC 
Programmable logic controllers. Control equipment developed as alternative devices to relay circuits. 
(2) DCS 
Distributed control systems. Control equipment that coordinates and integrates multiple controllers for large-scale process control situations. 
(3) SCADA 
Supervisory control and data acquisition. Production control systems that use computers to handle system monitoring and process control.

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