Hitachi and Ningbo Jansen Announce Agreement on Joint Development for MRI Magnet and MRI Sub-system

Hitachi and Ningbo Jansen Announce Agreement on Joint Development for MRI Magnet and MRI Sub-system

TOKYO, Nov 16, 2016 - (JCN Newswire) - Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501) and Ningbo Jansen NMR Technology Co., Ltd., a Chinese company, made an agreement to jointly develop a high performance MRI Magnet and Sub-system on November 7, 2016.

Hitachi's Healthcare Business, one of the four major focuses in the Social Innovation businesses, ranges from diagnostic and clinical areas, such as ultrasound, MRI systems, particle beam oncology treatment systems, to informatics including services utilizing IT and providing community care systems. Hitachi provides a full line up of MRI systems from open MRI systems to 3T super conducting MRI systems. With a concept of Patient Friendly Hitachi has developed the less claustrophobic examining space which has been accepted by customers widely.

Jansen is a leading manufacturer of both permanent and super conducting MRI Magnet in China. Jansen has been providing permanent MRI Magnet to Hitachi since 2003, and we have established a good relationship.

The ageing society and the economic development of emerging markets are both contributing to the growth of healthcare business, having a CAGR of 8% with an expected market size of $450 billion in 2018. Both advanced countries, having MRI and other medical systems for preventive medical care, and emerging countries, having improving the medical infrastructure, contribute to the stable market for medical imaging systems. China, as of 2015, has approximately 1500 MRI systems installed, making it the largest MRI systems market in the world.

Hitachi and Jansen will further cooperate and combine their expertise in MRI magnet and system development to co-develop an optimum control sub-system of super conducting MRI Magnet, high radiofrequency circuits and gradient coils, etc., for a high reliability and superior image quality MRI system. 

Hitachi shall offer the co-developed MRI systems not only in China, but also world-wide in order to expand its medical imaging business. 

Hitachi and Jansen continuously develop new products based on the needs of customers to contribute the society using medical devices.

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