Hypersocket Software helps enterprise boost network security with DMZ Gateway launch

Hypersocket Software helps enterprise boost network security with  DMZ Gateway launch

29 November 2016 – Hypersocket Software, the network security, identity and access management expert, is helping enterprise businesses secure their networks and data exchanges with the launch of Hypersocket DMZ Gateway – a new solution that creates a vital additional layer of security around an enterprise’s private network.
With a growing list of high profile external hacks and data breaches coming to light over the last 12 months including Yahoo!, Wendy’s, Twitter and LinkedIn, Hypersocket’s DMZ Gateway effectively secures an organisation’s system by preventing a direct connection to a private internal network or Local Area Network (LAN) being established from an external partner, typically the Internet.

In computer networking, a DMZ (Demilitarised Zone or perimeter network) is a subnetwork that contains and exposes an enterprise’s external-facing services to a larger and untrusted network such as the Internet.
The Hypersocket DMZ Gateway works by providing a secure platform to allow these services to reside within a ‘Trusted Zone’ whilst maintaining a presence in the DMZ. Its purpose is to add a layer of security to the organizations LAN. With a DMZ configuration, external nodes only have direct access to servers within the DMZ and are not able to access internal servers which reside in any other part of the trusted network.

In an era of data hacks and breaches, using a DMZ Gateway offers a number of benefits. Key amongst these is enhanced security. The DMZ Gateway keeps file sharing and important documents within an organisation’s internal or private network and allows data exchanges and file sharing via the gateway, but avoids the need to store sensitive data or authentication credentials in the DMZ. This means that no incoming ports need to be opened into the private network, so greatly reducing the risk of external intrusion.

It is also easy to implement as connections to new external partners can be made quickly and securely via the DMZ Gateway without the need for additional complex IT-structure or specific firewall configurations.
Finally, as files, data and user credentials are not stored within the DMZ, the solution also ensures enterprises are compliant with data security regulations.

Lee Painter, CEO of Hypersocket Software comments: “Balancing the twin needs of sharing data and files quickly and effectively with external partners and at the same time protecting your private network is an ongoing challenge for IT professionals – and one that’s only going to get bigger as businesses become more and more connected via their tech and IT. Using Hypersocket DMZ Gateway helps to alleviate this headache by giving enterprises full control of external connections and communications as connections are only possible outbound from a secure zone.

“What’s more this is done without the need for complex IT-infrastructure while at the same time ensures compliance with a number of key financial and data regulations.”

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