IBM Study: Security Industry PoV on Cognitive/AI

IBM just released a study on the use of cognitive & AI technology in security, based on a survey of 700 security professionals from around the world including Singapore. The results indicate that cognitive security technologies may see a 3x increase in adoptionover the next two to three years. 

As machine learning, cognitive and AI are quickly making their way into the security scene, the study provides insight into how many companies are using these emerging technologies already, what the planned adoption is over the next few years, and what challenges and benefits security professionals anticipate with these tools.   

Some key findings from the study are below, and a blog with more details and analysis of the results can be found here

Top Findings
·        Only 7% of security professionals are currently working to implement cognitive security tools; however, 21% plan to use these solutions in the next 2 to 3 years (a 3x increase)
·        Nearly 60% believe cognitive security can significantly slow down cybercriminals.

When we asked security leaders to select the top benefits of a cognitive-enhanced security solution;
·        40 percent cited improved detection and incident response decision-making capabilities (better intelligence)
·        37 percent pointed to significantly improved incident response time (speed)
·        36 percent said increased confidence to discriminate between events and true incidents (accuracy)

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