Y3 Technologies signs MOU with SMU and Chongqing University to Boost Logistics Ecosystem in China

Y3 Technologies signs MOU with SMU and Chongqing University to Boost Logistics Ecosystem in China
The collaboration aims to equip Chongqing’s Logistics Industry with the emerging technology capabilities and an industry-ready talent pool

Singapore, 16 November 2016 – Y3 Technologies has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Chongqing University of China (CQU), China’s leading national university, and Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore’s leading business management university to strengthen the transportation and logistics industry in Chongqing.

Under the MOU, the three entities will work together to develop a roadmap to establish a Big Data Laboratory in Chongqing dedicated to research, application development and innovation in the logistics industry, as well as craft specialized programmes to equip Chongqing University’s students with the right skill sets to align with the growing needs of the industry.

This collaboration is timely, and aligns with the two country’s Chongqing Connectivity Initiative (CCI), focused on enhancing strategic cooperation, growing academic interactions and strengthening technology capabilities. 

To nurture the talent pool in Chongqing, all three parties will contribute in the following areas:
a)  Chongqing University of China will invite Y3 Technologies’ professionals and SMU Faculty as guest professors to provide immersive industry-based research, training and mentorship to its students.
b)  Y3 Technologies will leverage on its supply chain thought leadership to identify areas of industry research, as well as to share it’s industry expertise with CQU students and offer bright students the opportunity to be part of the world-class team at Y3 Technologies. 
c)  Singapore Management University will conduct exclusive knowledge sessions for CQU faculty and students while also offering internship and Masters/PhD programmes opportunity to their outstanding students.
Professor Wang Xu, Chongqing University said, “We are excited to be part of this initiative. Chongqing is the hub for logistics in China and this collaboration will meet the needs of the growing logistics industry by strengthening the existing technology landscape and talent.”

“This tripartite collaboration with Chongqing University and Y3 Technologies is a good private-public partnership model for developing use-inspired research capabilities and industrially relevant technology. This is SMU’s second collaboration in establishing a research lab that has native industry participation,” commented Professor Lau Hoong Chuin of Singapore Management University, who is also the Director of the Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing and Engineering Corp Lab. “We are looking forward to working with faculty and students at Chongqing University and researchers at Y3 Technologies,” he enthused. 

Marc Dragon, CEO, Y3 Technologies added, “Y3 Technologies is committed to augmenting China’s business ecosystem against the backdrop of evolving supply chain and regional needs. Being a key transportation and logistics hub at the core of China’s One Belt and One Road initiative, we believe that with our joint partnership, CQU and Chongqing are well positioned to grow to be a key contributor to Transportation & Logistics Big Data Analytics for the western region of China.” 

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