Adobe releases updates and predictions for Adobe Creative Cloud

Given the rise of video content consumption over the year thanks to tweaks in major content algorithms like Facebook’s Newsfeed, this move comes at a right time for Adobe to capitalize on the video explosion across every device. Essentially, video and visual communication is here to stay and it’s only going to become even more important to how we all communicate every day.

Key highlights:

·         Adobe Spark Video - now supports video clips to help you engage, motivate, and inspire your audience, all made in just minutes — no big budget or film crew required. See our new feature in action with this short recipe video an indie print publication uses on social media to drive traffic to its subscription page and do check out other press assets here.

·         Photoshop now supports Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro - Layer Properties, Brushes, and (true to Photoshop’s ethos) your customizable Favorites for a speedier access your desired next action

Learn more about the Touch Bar support here.

·         Photoshop CC Adds Support for OpenType−SVG Fonts – Easily create beautiful fonts and share them with anyone! The popularity of using picture or color-filled glyphs (characters) for communicating is growing. However, achieving this effect has often required time-consuming and restrictive methods like importing each picture glyph as a separate object, or converting text into a path and manually adding multiple colors. To free designers to use color and imagery in their type with ease, Photoshop now supports OpenType Scalable Vector Graphic (OT-SVG) color fonts. This format has already been adopted as the golden standard for color fonts by Adobe and several of our industry partners including Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla. We expect its momentum to continue as it is adopted by more platforms and font developers.

·         Project Felix: Now Available for Download - Users can build an entire scene in 3D and render a final image for projects like ads or product shots, concept mock ups and more.

·         Adobe Experience Design CC - View XD documents offline, browse all art boards in an XD document, share current screen as an image and more.

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