CyberInt offers alternative cyber threat intelligence platform to financial companies

CyberInt offers alternative cyber threat intelligence platform to financial companies
Argos Threat Intelligence Platform provides an engine to accelerate sustainable business growth supported by STIX/TAXXI

06 December 2016 - CyberInt, a leading cyber intelligence company based in Israel, recently announced an alternative cyber threat intelligence platform to financial customers who are impacted by the recent changes in a joint venture of two leading financial services organizations.

Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) and The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) announced in November that they will dissolve their joint venture business, Soltra, a cyber threat intelligence platform for financial companies. 

Launched in 2014, Soltra pioneered the use of automated cybersecurity intelligence sharing through the Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) and the Automated Exchange of Indicator Information (TAXII) which have become industry standards in data formats allowing real-time, machine-to-machine sharing of cyber threat data like IP addresses associated with malware.

Before NC4 officially announced the Soltra business acquisition on November 23, FS-ISAC and DTCC announced they were shutting down the service after March 2017, and terminating any updates for Soltra Edge. Several news reports on the same triggered customer concerns and uncertainties on Soltra support and services, according to CyberInt. Amir Ofek, CEO of CyberInt commented, “At CyberInt, we share the vision Soltra was built upon in providing enterprises across the globe with valuable threat intelligence that they can act upon. And we believe that businesses can only ensure a sustainable business growth through solid and stable actionable threat intelligence. With the changing dynamics in the industry enterprise-sale organizations across sectors are responding rapidly to security breaches by investing in integrated, cybersecurity architectures with a borderless network.”

CyberInt is now offering all Soltra paying customers free access to a version of Argos Threat Intelligence Platform that fully supports STIX/TAXXI and comes pre-built with the data Soltra Edge used to provide, for a single user at their organization for the duration of their existing Soltra contract.

The demand for actionable threat intelligence capabilities is stronger than ever especially in highly sensitive environments such as financial and healthcare companies.  According to PwC’s study in 2016, the number of security incidents across all industries rose by 38% in 2015, which is the biggest increase in 12 years since the first global study was published. In addition, cyber threats have increased by 56%, especially for the financial industry, recording a  183% increase in intellectual property thefts in 2015. Cybercriminals have become more sophisticated in their approach using advanced tools and operating as legitimate organizations for large pool of sensitive and valuable information. 

2016 has seen large-scale incidents involving financial institutions including attackers moving US$81 million from Bangladesh's central bank to Philippine bank accounts. Late last year, Vietnam's Tien Phong Bank stopped a suspected cyber fraud attempt which included fraudulent SWIFT messages. Reports of similar incidents in banks across Southeast Asia have plagued the banking industry calling for greater attention to cybersecurity.

“As cyber criminals and hacktivists grow more sophisticated, perimeter-based security technologies are essentially fighting a losing battle. Even the most robust traditional security cannot adequately protect an organization from today’s targeted cyber threats. The current threat landscape calls for a new thinking that redefines organizations’ cybersecurity strategy,” commented Elad Ben-Meir, Vice President Marketing, CyberInt.

Gathering targeted and actionable intelligence, Argos pools both technological and human resources to generate real-time incidents of targeted attacks, data leakage and stolen credentials compromising organization’s; identify threat actors in real time, providing contextual data about them; and access hundreds of sources including feeds, IRC, Dark web, blogs, social media, forums, and paste sites to collect targeted data and providing users actionable recommendations thereafter. 

“In Argos, we have pre-integrated feeds, including FS-ISAC’s data. The threat intelligence we provide is highly targeted to each of our customers and enhanced with contextual data that we keep updated on the platform. We provide our customers with threat intelligence that is truly more actionable than ever and a foreseeable certainty in our platforms,” Ben-Meir added. 

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