Nearly 50% of all Steam users are on Windows 10

Steam has released some data and statistics on the user profile of their software for last month. It has shown that the number of users on their platform running Windows 10 operating system have been increasing over the months. It has risen from October's 49.33% to 49.6%. This actually means that almost one in every two users of Steam are on the Windows 10 platform.

The report has shown that the 64bit version of the Windows 10 Operating System holds 47.37% of all the user base, while the 32bit version only has 1.23%. Windows 7 64bit edition is the only other Windows Operating System that has increased in its number of users on Steam. It has risen by 0.16% to 28.82%.

Overall, 95.4% of all users on Steam are running Windows operating system. As compared to October's statistics, this has fallen by 0.06%. There are seemingly more users using Steam for the month of November as compared to October as the numbers of macOS users have increased by 0.07%. macOS has now 3.59% of the whole user base using Steam.

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