First Social Networking Platform Targeting CBD Crowd Encourages Spontaneous Meet-Ups

Singaporeans working in the CBD can look forward to the launch of HeyMeet today! Created based on the notion of “one should never eat alone”, HeyMeet is a location-based networking app that encourages all working classes to dine with new people to form meaningful relationships for business and/or casual purposes.

HeyMeet leverages the trend of companies being more flexible in allowing their employees to arrange their own coffee breaks and lunch time. The App then acts as a catalyst to encourage the culture of meeting new people with this flexibility. To this end, HeyMeet:
  • Allows users to sign up with their Facebook and/or LinkedIn, so they can toggle between their professional and personal selves
  • Making things fun by giving each event a 6-hour timeframe for people to RSVP so all meet-ups happen within the same day of establishing connection
  • Focusing on the coffee, food, and drink events rather than the chat, so as to encourage people to actually meet up and socialise in person

First Social Networking Platform Targeting CBD Crowd Encourages Spontaneous Meet-ups

[13 JANUARY 2017, SINGAPORE] – HeyMeet, an application that toggles distinctively between meeting new people for business and social purposes hits shores today to intrigue the CBD crowd with its spontaneity-driven features. The feature facilitates spontaneous meet-ups in groups of 4 people amongst the CBD crowds to happen within 6 hours, with the absence of excessive virtual interactions.

Going back to the basics of food, coffee and drinks being the common denominators that bring people together on many occasions, all meet-ups created on HeyMeet will have to take place at F&B establishments. Combining the time-sensitive feature, such an arrangement creates an impetus for the CBD crowd to break out of their daily routines and meet new people for business and social purposes.

HeyMeet debuts in a timely fashion to address the woes of networking applications becoming an escape solution instead of an enabler to spur fruitful spontaneous face-to-face interactions with new people.

“In a heavily digitalized world, many are starting to realize that face-to-face interaction is still what establishes connections. Therefore, the key lies in striking a balance in using technology as an enabler to drive this cause. HeyMeet is thus created as a catalyst to move virtual interactions back to face-to-face ones via user-created meetings with new people within a discoverable radius for meals, coffee or drinks. To up the ante, these spontaneous meet-ups created by users have a 6-hour completion timeframe each to prompt other users into joining their preferred meet-ups,” enthuses Erik Lorenz, founder of HeyMeet.

Creating HeyMeet Meet-ups

Users who are looking to set up a casual or business catch-up will have to select the criteria of eligible participants to join their meeting. While users filter other eligible users according to age range and gender for casual catch-ups, users who intend to organize a business meet-up are to select their industries of interest. In both scenarios, the organizer has the possibility to add an event description. Upon doing so, the meet-up event will be listed and ready for other HeyMeet users to request from the organizer to join. The event organizer is also able to invite nearby users who fall within the specified criteria.

Two Separate Profiles for Business and Casual

In order to allow users to separate their casual and business activities, HeyMeet provides the option to manage two separate profiles if the user wishes to do so. Profiles can be split by connecting in parallel with Facebook (casual) and LinkedIn (professional).

HeyMeet for F&B Merchants

Besides benefitting working individuals, HeyMeet allows F&B merchants to create small events to introduce their offerings via special deals, to larger groups of up to 10 users. Listed under the ‘Promo Event’ tab, HeyMeet users will be able to enjoy promotions from a wide range of F&B merchants over their meet-ups, while providing merchants with a platform to encourage traffic to their outlets.

HeyMeet is available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Please visit for more information. With more exciting plans ahead, be sure to keep a lookout for something coming up within the heart of our Central Business District (CBD) in February!

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