Marvelstone Group announces new innovation enabler Marvelstone Ventures

Marvelstone Group announces new innovation enabler Marvelstone Ventures
Focus on Smart City technologies like Blockchain, IOT, Artificial Intelligence and FinTech

Singapore, 10 January 2017 – Marvelstone Group announces Marvelstone Ventures, a new innovation enabler, providing start-ups and companies harnessing Smart City technologies a platform to execute high impact technologies that will propel emerging Asian cities into world-class cities. In its quest to transform the Asian region and impact the lives of 14.436 billion people, Marvelstone Ventures will lead in developing Smart City innovations and projects. Joel Ko, Managing Partner of Marvelstone Group, will be Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Marvelstone Ventures. Joel is also the Co-founder of Marvelstone Group’s key projects and initiatives like Lattice80, Marvelstone Tech and 10K. He is still actively involved in key projects of Marvelstone Group.

Announcing this new organisation, CEO Joel Ko says: “Marvelstone Ventures plans to invest only in Smart City and paradigm-shifting technologies like Blockchain, IOT, Artificial Intelligence and, of course, FinTech. These technologies are critical in shaping a Smart City and enhancing the lives of ordinary people.”

Gina Heng, Co-founder and CEO of Marvelstone Group, says: “Singapore has the potential to be the world’s smartest city and we wish to see that happen before the turn of the next decade. Marvelstone Ventures will support the city-state’s vision by investing in paradigm-shifting technology, Smart City-related projects and companies with high growth potential. We want these companies to successfully turn emerging markets around the Asian region into game-changers.”

Marvelstone Group’s investment strategy is largely focused on growth relating to the following sectors: finance, technology, real estate, infrastructure, energy and media. Most recently, Marvelstone Group successfully launched Lattice80, the world’s largest FinTech Hub at 80 Robinson Road, in a bid to build a ‘hub strategy’ that will boost FinTech technologies. Looking into the future, the company has determined that it is necessary to invest in forward-looking initiatives that are also in line with the ever-changing landscape. This determination has led to the creation of Marvelstone Ventures.

Globally, the venture-building movement is gaining momentum in both the technology and start-up sectors. Successful venture-builders tap on shared resources – connections, global teams and funds – to launch innovative solutions that operate as fully-operational companies. With the right external partners, Marvelstone Ventures will move from being a catalyst to drive and lead innovation.

1Source: Data is processed and collected from the United Nations Population Division 2016.

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