NCSoft Announces the Launch of Lineage Red Knights

NCSoft Announces the Launch of Lineage Red Knights

Forming a team of cute fantasy monsters inspired from Lineage, a critically acclaimed massive multiplayer online game, to explore tons of exciting environments and dungeons? Sign me up!

NCSoft officially released its new mobile role-playing game “Lineage Red Knights” to the Asian market consisting of Korea, Taiwan and 12 South East Asian countries on the 8th of December. They have their sights on welcoming back longtime fans of the original “Lineage” franchise as well as mobile gamers unacquainted with the Lineage universe.

Lineage Red Knights, as suggested, is based on “Lineage”, NCSoft’s widely acclaimed multiplayer online role-playing game which was introduced to the world in 1998. With the success of Lineage, NCSoft has since become one of Korea’s biggest game developers.

Utilizing Lineage’s extensive volume of content from being in service for 18 years and counting, Lineage Red Knights is NCSoft’s first mobile RPG that is aimed towards being more mobile friendly. Sim Seung-Bo, Senior Vice President of Publishing, NCSoft provides us more insight on their approach,

In “Lineage Red Knights,” flagship monsters from the original game appear as small and chubby animated characters to appeal to a broader audience. A user becomes a part of the “Red Knights” to save the world of Aden from destruction.

With this more casual and cute take on the otherwise hard fantasy universe of its predecessors, the game will certainly will provide a sense of nostalgic yet refreshing charm for players new and old.

Lineage Red Knights has performed very well since its launch on the 8th of December. Within a day, it managed to clinch first place on the iOS Top Grossing Rank in South Korea. It also performed spectacularly on the Google Play Store, reaching 1st place in Google Play Store South Korea in 3 days and 6th place in Google Play Store Taiwan in 6 days.

Key Features

In Lineage Red Knights, the mobile RPG offers you the experience of collecting and developing your own unique deck of pets familiar to the Lineage universe. The array of cute pets have their own stories and unique qualities and will join the players on their journey through the game.

Currently almost 60 pets have been released and there are a plethora of pets to look forward to in future updates. Players can choose to go about their hunts normally or order their pets to go on quests.

Lineage Red Knights: Battle with your pets!

Players looking for a challenge have the ability to engage in PVP with other power hungry competitors. Come up with the best pet line-ups and decks with the various classes and myriad of active and passive skills that are available to you in the form of your pets. The competitive content is geared towards providing a differentiated in-game experience from solo play.

Lineage Red Knights: PVP Battle

The intensive ‘Guild’ system, acclaimed by original Lineage users, is back in Red Knights as well. More than 20,000 Guilds have been created during the guild pre-registration event in South Korea and many more are being created everyday.

The Guild system allows players to communicate with each other to better set up their strategies for conquering Fortresses which will eventually lead up to Siege Wars (taking over territories for greater rewards).

Guild tokens are given through Guild participation, and they can be useful for purchasing unique items in the Guild Shop.

Lineage Red Knights: Guild Wars

Lineage has been a franchise that has had long standing success throughout the years and it is definitely refreshing to see a different take on the IP stylistically as well as mechanically. Given NCSoft’s reputation and dedication to the craft, Lineage Red Knights is definitely worth giving a whirl. For more information and media check out their websites and videos in the following links below!

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