SUDIO REGENT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review


SUDIO has been aggressively designing and marketing new consumer and lifestyle devices for the market. We have previously tested on the SUDIO Vasa Bla wireless in-ear earphones, and were highly impressed by its all-rounded quality. The Vasa Bla is currently the main earphones that I use on a daily basis. The product had left me a great impression of the brand.

Just last month, SUDIO released a new set of wireless headphones, branded as SUDIO Regent. Will this new product live up to the high expectations of the brand? How is the build quality of the headphones? Does it sound good? How long can it last per charge? We will answer these burning questions in this review.

Design and Specifications

Right : Volume buttons , Play/Pause/Bluetooth Pairing button, Micro USB Port for Charging

3.5mm Audio Jack
On the first look, one may find that the SUDIO Regent seems like any other headphones out in the market. However, upon closer inspection, we realised the different ingenuity that the designers have placed into the headphones to achieve great aesthetics, comfort, practicality and durability.


SUDIO decided to go with a simple design for the Regent. It is available in both white and black versions. Each colour variant is unique in its own way, having attraction points that appeals to different audiences. Black and white are widely accepted colours and you will not go wrong in choosing either of them.

Moreover, SUDIO allows a certain degree of customization to these headphones. The headphone cups are configured with removal caps which can be purchased as add-ons to customize your own set of headphones. For our review unit, we had customized our white SUDIO Regent with the Selva Rossa headphone caps.


The SUDIO Regent is crafted to fit on heads of any size. To maximize comfort, every point of the headphones that touches the head will be padded. The metal extenders also changes the whole length of the headphone to ensure a good fit.


Portability of headphones is also a very important characteristics for on-the-go music listeners. The SUDIO Regent can be easily folded inwards to reduce its overall size. This allows the headphones to be kept in bags which maximizes its portability without damaging the headphones. Also, the headphones can also stay on for a period of about 7 days, with an average of 3 hours of listening per day, on a single full charge.


One of the main design issues with headphones is their durability. As constant pressure is applied on headphones when placed on the head, the material must be able to withstand this stress and not break apart.

The SUDIO Regent answers the problem by segregating the head band and the main ear cups into two distinct parts, allowing the joint area to reduce its strain. The metal rods which are placed within a sturdy polycarbonate housing reduces the pressure acted upon the joints. This allows the headphones to have great physical and structural integrity.


If you are someone who is seeking for a set of bluetooth headphones that produces high quality and crystal clear audio, the SUDIO Regent will probably NOT be what you prefer. We felt that the SUDIO Regent is specifically tuned for the niche techno/club music genre.

Based largely on our own opinions, the SUDIO Regent lacks general clarity that would be suitable for ballads/instrumental/pop songs. It tries to improve the bass and treble effects but could not reach all major frequencies in those range. When specific cymbals or drum beats are played, the headphone was able to pick up and reproduce them in a way that give listeners that "omphf". However, audio at different frequency ranges were considerably disappointing.

We would like to state that these downsides to it can be improved by increasing the volume of the headphones to a higher level. Upon reaching a higher volume, it seems that the audio drivers in the speakers were not able to keep up. This adds to the disaster, as music sounds garbled and distorted.


The SUDIO Regent headphones are probably one of the most sexy looking headphones that are available in the market. This set of headphones can even be a good accessory to your overall fashion outlook. It is also extremely well deisgned, and provides good durability and flexibility. However, when it comes to audio and sounds, we felt that it would not make the cut for mainstream music listeners, as it is tuned specifically for a niche genre of music.

The SUDIO Regent is available at You can enjoy a 15% off your purchase with our discount code "TECHREVO".

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