Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization PS Vita Edition | Return to Aincrad in this all-new adventure!

Sword Art Online is famous for its intense fighting scenes as well as for its very bleak plot. In Hollow Realization, you are put into the shoes of Kirito, the main protagonist of the Sword Art Online series. The story starts off in a recreation of the original Aincrad, called Ainground.

A brand new story created under the watchful eye of the original author of Sword Art Online novels, Reki Kawahara.

Majority of the plot is told through visual novel styled narrations. Not only are they fully voiced, it also fits the theme of Sword Art Online. Speaking of themes, the game's OST is surprisingly great and breathes life into the environment. It is highly recommended to check them out!

When it comes to combat, timing is key. Button mashing in Hollow Realization can only take you so far. Learning how to chain your skills will allow you to dish out significant damage onto the enemy. Being able to predict your enemy's movement as well as making use of your party members' abilities can also help you turn the tide of battle. Coming from SAO: Hollow Fragment, the game's predecessor, it is a big improvement. Hollow Realization has a steep curve for mastering its combat which makes the game not repetitive as something new can be learned each time you play it.

Even though the game is running on a 3-year-old handheld console, the game still looks decent. The only downside is that the drops in frame rate, in certain areas, leaves much to be desired. This can make skill combinations harder to pull off.

Sadly, the tutorial system is sorely lacking. For one, the characters' attribution system is not explained well. It also does not teach you how their skills are learnt and unlocked. Not to worry, here are a few links that can guide you on your journey:
Silica why are you so needy?
Hollow Realization tries to replicate the MMORPG experience by having a chatting system that allows 'players' to send you messages or even friend requests. This feature is a hit-and-miss but it does lead to quirky situations.

Overall, if you can look past its substandard FPS and tutorial system, you would find a game that is well worth your time.

+ Fully voiced cutscenes
+ Amazing OST
+ Great combat
= Decent Graphics
- Drops in frame rate
- Limited tutorials

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