Teaching preschoolers Digital Literacy through Computational Thinking(CT)

Teaching preschoolers Digital Literacy through Computational Thinking(CT)

23 Cherie Hearts centres commences JULES CT Curriculum island-wide

Singapore, 12 January 2017 – Preschoolers from Cherie Hearts can look forward to starting the year with their very own tablets as they embark on their first digital literacy lesson in school.

In partnership with G8 Education Singapore, Jules Ventures Pte Ltd (JULES) has integrated the School of Fish Computational Thinking (CT) Game Curriculum with Cherie Hearts’ 2017 K2 Curriculum.

A total of 345 preschoolers from G8 Education Singapore’s subsidiary, Cherie Hearts centres, will commence their digital literacy lessons from January 2017.

Customised curriculum for Cherie Hearts consists of 38 modules that are both online and offline through classroom activities. Preschool teachers are provided with a guidebook and online instructional support in administering the School of Fish Curriculum.

To complement the JULES CT Curriculum, a new proprietary JULES Dashboard is provided to parents to monitor their child’s performance in school and track learning progress.

“CT skills are essential for the Digital Future. Through School of Fish, we believe more preschoolers can learn and improve their digital literacy, even at a young age. The learning process must be fun and interactive for children. It’s a privilege to have G8 Education Singapore working with us and sharing this same vision,” said Mr Jonathan Chan, Founder, JULES.

“As our children are born in the digital age, digital literacy is a necessary life skill today and a currency for global 21st century people interaction, information access, and creative functioning. The way we promote the use of interactive media with children is important - it should be a platform for igniting creative thoughts and facilitating communication between preschoolers and adult caregivers, and never used in a passive, purposeless way. In promoting digital savviness and Computational Thinking, our children are honed into thinking abstractly, compartmentalising and synthesising information.

On top of that, they are also taught how to protect themselves as well as act responsibly in the digital world. Collaborating with a partner who shares our philosophy and provides sound expertise in digital literacy is imperative. We are excited to be launching our digital literacy programme with JULES, who is committed to continual research and development to ensure that preschoolers reap the benefits from a customised curriculum that involves parents in the learning process,” said Ms Jane Choy, General Manager, G8 Education Singapore.

Computational Thinking is a system of understanding and solving problems in a logical way that people and computers can understand. It is the ability to integrate human creativity and insight with machine computing power. For more information, please visit www.jules.sg

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