Introducing Microsoft Azure IP advantage program

Microsoft today announced the Microsoft Azure IP Advantage, a new program designed to help protect against intellectual property risks in the cloud.

As customers and partners across all sectors embrace digital transformation, and accelerate cloud adoption, new challenges are emerging, including an increase in intellectual property risks. A recent study from Boston Consulting Group found a 22% rise in cloud-based litigation over last five years. Over the same period non-practicing entities (sometimes called patent trolls) have increased their acquisition of cloud-related patents by 35%.

To help address this growing challenge, the Microsoft Azure IP Advantage will provide Azure customers with industry leading IP protection in the cloud and will allow developers, entrepreneurs, enterprises and customers to innovate with confidence.

More details on this announcement, including the key benefits of the program and the approach Microsoft is taking to help its customers and partners can be found in a post from Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft here or in this animated video.
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