Carpe Diem Preschools teach Digital Literacy with School of Fish

Carpe Diem Preschools teach Digital Literacy with School of Fish

CT Curriculum now available in Carpe Diem Kids Academy & Carpe Diem Juniors

Singapore, 8 March 2017 – Pre-schoolers from two Carpe Diem preschool branches have officially commenced their first Computational Thinking (CT) lessons with the JULES School of Fish (SoF) Computational Thinking Curriculum.

The two preschools are subsidiaries of the Carpe Diem Group, which is the second education conglomerate that Jules Ventures Pte Ltd (JULES) has successfully partnered with.

A total of 38 modules were selected and customised to suit the preschools’ existing curriculum. Lessons are conducted once a week by Carpe Diem teachers, who are given a JULES School of Fish Curriculum digital guide where they can easily access the lesson plan of each module on tablets provided by JULES.

“I believe that Digital Literacy is something the children of tomorrow cannot do without, especially when they are growing up surrounded by technology. In view of the upcoming Digital Era, it is good for our students to start becoming digitally proficient at their young age,” said Miss Tan Sok Khim, Branch Director, Carpe Diem Kids Academy.

“We came across School of Fish and felt that it has a very structured way of teaching children Computational Thinking,” said Miss Tan. “Its explanations are broken down and delivered to children in a manner that is both understandable and engaging. We were pleased with the pilot last year and have thus decided to continue with the full programme.”

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