Hong Kong ICT Award 2017 – Best ICT Startup Award

Hong Kong ICT Award 2017 – Best ICT Startup Award
Recognize outstanding local ICT startup
Facilitate technology startups to expand in Hong Kong

(Hong Kong – 28th March 2017) – Organized by Hong Kong Business Angel Network (HKBAN) and steered by Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OCGIO), Hong Kong ICT Award 2017 – Best ICT Startup Award presentation ceremony was held today at Hong Kong Science Park. The Award aims to recognize and discover outstanding local ICT startup companies with focus on software, hardware and social innovation areas.

Dr. Samson Tam, Chairman of Hong Kong Business Angel Network presents the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017 - Best ICT Startup (Software & Apps) Gold Award to the winner - Everyware Ltd.

Promote local startups enterprise for bringing new opportunities to Hong Kong
To explore Hong Kong young entrepreneurs in the field of ICT, Best ICT Startup Award is to recognize the outstanding services of IT startups, particularly in software and applications, hardware and devices and social impact streams. Meanwhile, having an ideal platform for Hong Kong young entrepreneurs, HKBAN assists the excellent ICT startups to obtain investment funding from Venture Capital Funds and Angel Investors in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The Best ICT Startup Award serves as an investment-matching platform where angel investors and young entrepreneurs can explore possible collaboration.

Discovering more unique products to power-up startups
“Tech startups are powerhouses of innovation. It not only brings revolutionary changes across all industries, but also facilitates our economic growth. The panel of judges were impressed by the creative solutions. These startups truly reveal the ‘can-do’ spirit of Hong Kong. It drives the growth and advancement of our city. The high quality of the nominations illustrates the strong entrepreneurial spirit in this city, and the vibrant development of our tech-startup ecosystem,” stated Dr. Samson Tam, Chairman of Hong Kong Business Angel Network. “I am confident that the innovative technologies and projects by these startups will contribute greatly to the smart city development in Hong Kong, and improve the quality of lives of our residents.” Dr. Tam added.
Best ICT Startup Award features Gold, Silver, Bronze and Certificate of Merit in three main streams:
Ÿ   Software & Apps Stream
Ÿ   Hardware & Devices Stream
Ÿ   Social Impact Stream

The Grand Award and Software & Apps gold award was presented to Everyware Ltd., innovating the retail industry with cloud system. To easily monitor the business operation anytime and anywhere, Everyware Ltd. creates a new POS system for catering industry and SME retail enterprise, such as Caterlord® POS, Linq POS for Retailers, We Mobility and 20%. Their services are running on REAL CLOUD service making sure the availability and ability of the unlimited cloud computing. Moreover, Universal Data Sync. enables real-time operation monitoring with their POS products. Merchants can immediately instruct their staff and match with their actual operation.

The Social Impact gold award went to Acesobee Ltd. Their service includes installation and setup of CMS On-ramp, server hosting, data migration, installing communication module to connect to the her Sharing System and building add-on functionalities to interface with CMS On-ramp. Related product, “acesome®” is a mobile Personal care Plan (PCP) and Point of Care (POC) system. In order to facilitate the management of doctor-patient relationship, “acesome®” consolidates the care plan, treatment instructions including medication, diet, exercise, consultation, etc. to allow both care-giver (doctor, nurse, physio and dietitian) and care-taker (patient and individual) to monitor, inform and share the caring status and advise suitable plans.

About Hong Kong Business Angel Network
The Hong Kong Business Angel Network (HKBAN) is jointly established by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, the Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2010 as a non-profit organization. Since its founding, the Hong Kong Business Angel Network has dedicated to assist young ventures in obtaining investment funding between seed and venture capital funding stages by holding Investment Matching Gatherings (IMG). With steady growth, we have consolidated a group of unified and robust members, all dedicated to the development of a vibrant investment ecosystem.

Our objectives are:
Ÿ   developing angel investing in Hong Kong into a professional and structured activity
Ÿ   enhancing the development of young ventures, particularly those in the technology sector, for Hong Kong and other parts of Asia
Ÿ   linking angel investors and young ventures in an investment-matching platform

For more information about Hong Kong Business Angel Network, please visit: http://hkban.org/?language=zh-hant.

Best ICT Startup Award Winner List
Organization/ Winner
Best ICT Startup
Grand Award
Everyware Ltd.
Software & Apps
Gold Award
Everyware Ltd.
Silver Award
Apostrophe'S Co Ltd.
Bronze Award
Holumino Ltd.
Certificate of Merit
Innoplay Ltd.
Hardware & Devices
Silver Award
O-Matic Intelligent Robot Ltd.
Bronze Award
Film Players Ltd.
Bronze Award
Ambit Geospatial Solution Ltd.
Social Impact
Gold Award
Acesobee Ltd.
Silver Award
Human Washer Ltd.
Bronze Award
The Brightly Project Ltd.

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