MediaMath Launches MediaMath Audiences in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India

MediaMath Launches MediaMath Audiences in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India

March 1, 2017, Singapore – MediaMath, the leading independent programmatic company for marketers, is announcing the launch of its suite of audience solutions, MediaMath Audiences, to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India. Built over a database of more than a billion consumers, MediaMath Audiences will enable its clients to easily activate against highly predictive audiences, in a truly omnichannel way. MediaMath clients will be able to access these audiences through a self-serve UI in MediaMath’s award-winning DSP.

MediaMath has always believed in the value of observed and transactional data to drive successful outcomes for sophisticated marketers, and has brought this to life for its clients through the launch of Audiences across key markets in the APAC region. MediaMath Audiences are built on the backbone of real-time consumer behaviors across the web, and have proven to drive superior performance. With this offering, MediaMath now has a proprietary, integrated and lossless way for marketers to reach their best customers at scale, something unparalleled by any other audience offering in the market.

The launch of MediaMath Audiences brings four proprietary data offerings that will help advertisers improve the performance and reach of their marketing campaigns:

MediaMath Lookalike Audiences enable marketers to run cost effective prospecting campaigns by targeting only consumers who are most likely to respond. The sophisticated predictive models enable marketers to find consumers who look and act like their best customers, driving higher response rates than other prospecting methods. The cross-device integration via the MediaMath DSP provides maximum reach and consistent messaging across video, mobile and display.

MediaMath Targeted Audiences unlock insights into what customers browse and buy on other sites, to inform campaign strategy and messaging. Marketers can learn the most common types of customers engaging with their brand to empower a true audience understanding, and then activate these profiles to optimise spend and increase response rates.

MediaMath Audience Scoring uses predictive modeling and observed behavior from across the internet to identify which of a brand’s existing customers are most likely to re-engage. Marketers can easily upload their pseudonymised customer data file and have it quickly scored to identify the best customers to target today, eliminating wasted spend on consumers who are not in-market and less likely to respond.

MediaMath now also offers marketers a suite of predictive reports, MediaMath Insights, that enables marketers to understand what browsing and buying activities are most likely to drive a return visit. Understanding the behaviors and motivations of consumers is key to effective marketing, and with these reports, marketers can quickly activate consumers who match their target profile. These insights help marketers understand how to optimise their campaigns and focus on only those people with the highest likelihood to convert.

“We are helping clients optimise their prospecting campaigns with lookalike audiences at scale, and to boost their remarketing campaigns with informed scoring. Targeting past site visitors isn’t enough these days. We enable clients to adjust bid strategies and messaging based on customers’ actual online activity across all devices and channels,” said Rahul Vasudev, Managing Director for MediaMath APAC.

This new offering is available today for agencies and advertisers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India.  To get started, simply contact your MediaMath representative.

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