ExtraHop Combines Analytics and Low-Cost Storage to Deliver Intelligent Workflows at Scale

ExtraHop Combines Analytics and Low-Cost Storage to Deliver Intelligent Workflows at Scale

Latest Enhancements Cut Resolution Times from Hours to Clicks, Deliver Analytics-First Packet Capture at Line Rate, and Reduce the Cost of Forensic Lookback Storage by up to 50 Percent

SINGAPORE – 13 APRIL 2017 – ExtraHop, the leader in real-time IT analytics, today announced several major platform enhancements as part of version 6.2. These upgrades, supported by analytics, provide IT teams situational insight and forensic capabilities required to make informed, data-driven decisions. The ExtraHop Platform’s analytics-first workflow now scales to deliver 40Gbps line-rate continuous packet capture, while flexible licensing models for storage eliminate the data tax for extended lookback, saving up to 50 percent over traditional Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) tools.

With the latest updates, ExtraHop flips the traditional network analytics model on its head with an analytics-first approach that delivers real-time visibility into the performance, availability, and security of every IT system, from the edge to the cloud. IT teams can easily and rapidly investigated from high-level performance metrics to individual transactions to packets in a matter of clicks rather than hours. The following new capabilities are included in ExtraHop version 6.2:

     40Gbps line-rate continuous packet capture -- four times faster than any other NPMD vendor -- provides visibility at scale for the digital enterprise.
     Extended storage model offers lookback at up to 50 percent less than competitive NPMD offerings, eliminating the data tax associated with the forensic investigation of performance and security issues.
     New continuous packet capture for virtual environments extends visibility everywhere IT assets reside, providing a unified, all-up view of every transaction occurring within the organization.
     Audience-specific dashboards that surface analytics based on LDAP privileges, giving teams access to the data they need securely.
     The addition of nested queries to visual query language simplify transaction record search.
     Integration with ServiceNow further simplifies the process, automatically ticketing and triaging events to keep IT teams focused on the most critical issues.

Network operators continue to view network analytics data tactically and use it reactively to keep the network running, as opposed to using network analytics as a strategic advantage to proactively anticipate future requirements,” wrote Gartner analysts Sanjit Ganguli, Vivek Bhalla, and Andrew Lerner in their February 2017 research note, “NetOps 2.0: Embrace Network Automation and Analytics to Stay Relevant in the Digital Business Era.”

The transformation from reactive to proactive cannot happen without technologies to support it, and the traditional packets-first NPMD model has rendered proactive, strategic operations virtually impossible,” said Jesse Rothstein, CTO and co-founder of ExtraHop. “At ExtraHop, we’ve recognized from the beginning that the scale, complexity, and dynamism of modern IT couldn’t be addressed with post-hoc analysis of data. Modern IT demands analytics that are real-time, at scale, as well as intelligent, actionable, and predictive. This is a new era for analytics, and ExtraHop continues to push the envelope far beyond legacy NPMD products.”

“ExtraHop is working with Singaporean based businesses to help them gain better control of existing network infrastructure and accelerate next-generation initiatives with the visibility delivered by our real-time stream analytics,” said Danny Smolders, VP for AsiaPac Operations, ExtraHop. “We have been really impressed with the initial interest from potential/ enterprise customers who see the value that the ExtraHop platform can provide in delivering access to IT and business analytics.”

ExtraHop 6.2 will be generally available on April 19, 2017.

To experience the power of the ExtraHop platform, explore the ExtraHop interactive online demo.

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ExtraHop makes data-driven IT a reality. By applying real-time analytics and machine learning to all digital interactions, ExtraHop delivers instant and unbiased insights. IT leaders turn to ExtraHop first to help them make faster, better-informed decisions that improve performance, security, and digital experience. Just ask the hundreds of global ExtraHop customers, including Sony, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Adobe, and Google. To experience the power of ExtraHop, explore our interactive online demo. Connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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