Superior performance and high image quality with Canon’s flagship XEED WUX6500 projector

Superior performance and high image quality with Canon’s flagship XEED WUX6500 projector
New flagship Canon XEED WUX6500 projector delivers high resolution & brightness projection

SINGAPORE, 12 April 2017 Canon today launched the XEED WUX6500, the new flagship projector which offers versatile installation options and high luminosity in image projection. The new XEED WUX6500 comes with HDBaseT™ -compatible LAN connection, which allows the XEED WUX6500 to receive uncompressed video/audio/control signal from HDBaseT™ transmitters on a single LAN cable up to 100m, thus reducing the need for complex wiring. It also features an improved LCOS panel and AYSIS 4.1 optical system for greater brightness, durability and eco-performance.

“Built to exceed the growing and varied expectations of our diverse customer base, the XEED WUX6500 offers a range of benefits and eco performance for an install model projector through Canon’s optical processing technologies”, said Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore. “With the option of using interchangeable lenses, the XEED WUX6500 also offers versatility in applications and impressive durability.”

Outstanding performance with energy saving feature
The XEED WUX6500 offers an impressive 6,500 lumens brightness and industry-leading “Eco” performance with its advanced LCOS panel by minimising light wastage through diffraction. This enables the XEED WUX6500 to achieve a power consumption efficiency of about 0.077 W/lm – nearly half of what is regularly consumed by other similar models. Given its efficiency and energy-saving design, the XEED WUX6500 easily passes the requirements of the new ErP lot 3 (Energy related Product lot 3) eco design standard.

Additionally, the LCOS panel of the XEED WUX6500 can withstand up to 100 hours of continuous projection without “burn-in”, a phenomenon that results in a bright image being ‘ghosted in’ over dark patterns. With the long lasting and easily replaceable air filters, together with a lamp life of up to 4000 hours (Eco mode), users can enjoy a hassle-free experience paired with a low running cost of ownership.

Ease and flexibility of Installation
The new XEED WUX6500 supports the HDBaseT™ standard, which allows video and audio signals to be sent over to a projector via a LAN cable from up to 100m away. This facilitates cost reduction as the HDBaseT™ dispenses with signal compensators and just requires cables, which are inexpensive. With the elimination of complex wiring, the constrains on the installation environment is significantly reduced.

The XEED WUX6500 is also capable of stack projection, which is a method of installation by which two (or more) projectors are stacked, resulting in projected images being superimposed on one screen. This in turn encourages an effective use of space and increased brightness without incurring additional cost.

Furthermore, the 360-degree installation allows for a variety of projection at any desired angle, whether upwards, downwards or even in a slanted direction. This allows for a flexible use of space that adds greater value and convenience to shows, events and in amusement facilities alike. With the motorised lens shift, image positioning can be conducted without tilting or repositioning the projector which warrants great projection from almost any position. Together with the 4-corner keystone correction function, the XEED WUX6500 ensures that images stay perfectly geometrical. 

Versatility of Interchangeable lenses
For added flexibility, users may deploy from a choice of five different Canon lenses, ranging from a short fixed lens to an ultra-long zoom lens on the XEED WUX6500. Between these five easily-changeable lenses, the XEED WUX6500 is suitable for venues from small conference rooms to large spaces such as auditoriums, promising sharp image resolution and minimal brightness loss.

In addition, Canon’s exclusive high quality lens offers optical performance which incorporates aspherical properties that help to reduce distortion of the projected image.

Product specifications
Dimensions:                Approximately 380 x 170 x 430 mm (including extrusions),
Approximately 380 x 150 x 430 mm (excluding extrusions)
Weight:                        Approximately 8.5 kg
Brightness:                  6,500 lumens
Resolution:                  WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
Contrast Ratio:            2,000:1
HDMI:                         Yes
HDBaseT:                   Yes
Speaker:                     5W monaural

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