Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Air Conditioning - Ambi Climate 2nd Edition

Ambi Labs has just launched their new Ambi Climate 2nd Edition air conditional accessory. In our previous review on the first edition, we covered the basics of what the device does, and explained the different benefits of the product. With the 2nd Edition, Ambi Labs has successfully brought artificial intelligence into the device. Alongside with some design changes, the Ambi Climate is better than ever. Here’s what the Ambi Climate 2nd Edition can do. 

  1. Hardware Updates for more accurate recommendations

    In our previous review, we felt that the Ambi Climate took quite a significant amount of time to learn the temperature preference of the user. It was painful during the early adoption of the device, as sometimes, air conditioner settings on the device can be too extreme, thus resulting in poor user experience. However, with the Ambi Climate 2nd Edition, multiple sensors in the hardware will detect not just temperature, but also humidity, weather and other factors. It is now much easier for the device to learn of the right preference of the user, and ultimately, achieve the goals of providing the best possible comfort level and reduction in aircon energy consumption.
  2. New Comfort mode

    With the new comfort mode, the Ambi Climate 2nd Edition can effectively use Artificial Intelligence techniques to learn about the user’s preference to recommend and apply different air conditional controls. The new Ambi Climate learns about your preference whenever you provide a feedback to it, in the form of “too hot”, “ too cold”, or “comfortable”. This technique delivers up to 30% of reduction in AC energy without the expense of comfort.

  3. New Smartphone Application

    The new Ambi Climate 2nd Edition comes with a revamped mobile application that makes managing the device so much easier. With the new app, you can even access different user insights or have rule based controls, timers and schedules!

  4. Integration with IFTTT

    Ambi Climate is now compatible as a service on IFTTT! Simply go to the IFTTT website to allow an event to trigger an action on the Ambi Climate for your air-conditioner.

Best of all, the Ambi Climate 2nd Edition will now retail at USD129, instead of USD179 of the 1st Edition! If you are looking at a good deal and taking a step in saving the environment and cutting electrical cost, do consider the new Ambi Climate 2nd Edition. The new Ambi Climate 2nd Edition is said to be available in Singapore from June 2017. Visit the kickstarter at

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