Injustice 2 Review | Whose Side Are You On?

Injustice 2's predecessor has been known for its marvelous story, and boy does it exceed expectations. There is no need to follow the DC universe to find its story extremely compelling. From Batman's flawed "no killing" rule to Superman's own brand of justice, it is easy to drift back and forth either sides. Each having their own valid reasons, which blurs the lines of "good" and "evil".

Facial Animations
Not only is the premise of the story in Injustice 2 great, the delivery is also amazing. NetherRealm Studios did an exceptional job when it comes to facial animations. From the over-the-top emotions of Harley Quinn to subtle smirks, the characters definitely feel lifelike. *cough*Mass Effect*cough*

Gameplay Experience
The entire singleplayer experience is seamless, as the game does an amazing job at transitioning from cutscenes to 1-on-1 fights and back. The only break in the flow is when a match is lost, where a short loading screen will appear. However, gone are the days of lengthy loading times. The longest loading screen is merely seconds, most of which are well hidden behind cutscenes. Additionally, fights are fast-paced, with the combat mechanics being pretty easy to pick up. From having 2 health bars to the "clash" mechanics, these help to add a certain cinematic feel to the fights.

Character Selection
Injustice 2 does not fall short when it comes to selection of characters. It hosts a large variety of characters to choose from, each with their own specialties and playstyles. A personal favorite of mine would be Harley Quinn, with her "Gun Kata" fighting style and wacky personality.

As you fight your way through the singleplayer and multiplayer, you will be awarded with loot crates that will grant you random equipment and color schemes. These two types of rewards adds different levels of customization, allowing you to vastly change how your favorite character look. There are also diverse perks and stat upgrade that is available, based on the equipment. Not only that, the selected character will also receive experience points for levels which is necessary to use stronger equipment.

When it comes to multiplayer, the searches are quick, with most of them averaging under less than a minute. Even though there are times where the ping is shown to be quite high, there is no noticeable input latency. But, your mileage may vary.

All in all, NetherRealm studios did an astounding job in creating Injustice 2. Both singleplayer and multiplayer felt fully flesh out, making the game fully worth its price tag.

+ Compelling story
+ Impressive facial animations
+ Seamless singleplayer
+ Customization options
+ Relatively lag-free multiplayer (YMMV)

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