Macron Campaign Hacking During The French Presidential Election

Cybercriminals’ interference and efforts to undermine the electoral process is becoming a trend. France’s newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron, is the latest victim to experience such malicious attacks, resulting in a massive leak of documents one day before the French presidential election. This follows other similar high profile cyberattacks during the US elections and the massive data breach that affected 55million voters before the 2016 Philippine national elections. McAfee, as one of the world’s largest pure-play cybersecurity firms, shares their views on how this issue heightens cybersecurity, especially within geopolitics, and how countries need to take caution and safeguard the electoral process.

"Cyber has created a new role for espionage on the field of geopolitical competition the nations.

Countries have always surveilled each other's political figures and organizations using the latest technologies available to them. They've always used that capacity to exfiltrate sensitive data such as blueprints to rivals' military technologies.

But these recent incidents in the US and French elections reveal a new dynamic, where cyber espionage is used to weaponize compromised information as a political tool. The sensitive details of political campaigns' inner workings are leaked through the powerful, amplifying mechanisms of our modern media to tarnish reputation, influence opinion and sway voter behavior.

The most powerful weapons we can use in response to such malicious activity are awareness and skepticism. We must recognize such media and electoral manipulation for what it is, and understand that stolen genuine information can easily be poisoned with inaccurate information to inflict maximum political damage to a candidate, party and nation."

Steve Grobman, Chief Technology Officer, McAfee

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