NVIDIA explores new Virtual Reality Dimensions with Project HoloDeck

With the success of their Pascal architecture, NVIDIA has opened themselves to the opportunities and business of Virtual Reality (VR). They have been investing a lot of research and development in this area, and trying to find and try out more applications for VR.

To get started, they have initiated Project HoloDeck. Project HoloDeck is a virtual reality environment that obeys to the laws of physics. This has brought the simulation of a real world to virtual space. In this public first iteration, Project HoloDeck also supports multi-user mode.
Essentially, users simultaneously interact with on another within a single and unified virtual world. This allows the possibilities of collaboration. This new VR space also supports the inclusion of photorealistic 3D models. We can see that NVIDIA trying to perfect the creation of an alternate world in the virtual reality space.

“A real world in a virtual world”

HoloDeck can open up different opportunities in different industries. By simulating the real world, many other use cases and applications are borned. For example, the software can be used by a marketing/sales team to showcase and explain their products. With VR, customers can know a lot more information from a product by immersing themselves in a VR environment. HoloDeck can also be used by teachers in the education sector. Students can be brought into HoloDeck’s virtual space with their teachers. Teachers properly explain concepts with proper examples and environment in the virtual space, thus enhancing the quality of education that students get.

It seems that the concept of Japanese light novel series Sword Art Online is becoming a reality. Despite it being a fictional story, it seems that such concepts that were once deemed as impossible are starting to become possible with the advancements in GPU technology.

Here is a video of Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, Mr Jensen Huang, introducing the new NVIDIA Project HoloDeck.

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