NVIDIA shows what’s possible with their new MAX-Q Design – 18mm slim GTX 1080 notebooks

NVIDIA has just made a few key announcements at their COMPUTEX 2017 keynote address. Starting off, they are releasing a new reference GEFORCE GTX MAX-Q design. With the new MAX-Q design, manufacturers can now integrate high end NVIDIA gaming graphics processing unit into a slim and much lighter notebook form factor.

Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, Mr Jensen Huang was proud to explain the marvels of MAX-Q. With the new reference design, the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 graphics card can reach their peak efficiency in notebook PCs. This is enabled by advanced thermal solution which prevents any thermal throttling of GPU frequencies, and a highly efficient next-gen regulator design for stable GPU operations.

He also showed one of the new ASUS 17-inch Gaming Laptops that runs with the new design. Even though the new laptop runs on a powerful NVIDIA GTX 1080, it kept a very slim and portable profile. It is said that this new laptop is 60% faster than the current PlayStation 4 console. 

This innovative design redefines the possibilities of laptop design and performance, as it has taken away the bulky size requirements of integrating a powerful dedicated graphics card. We will be looking forward to more of such laptops at COMPUTEX 2017.

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