Trend Micro's Ransomware: Past, Present and Future

Further to the WannaCry ransomware attack that occurred last Friday, ransomware is steadily becoming a prominent threat in today’s fast-paced cyber landscape. Wreaking havoc since the mid-2000s, ransomware has been leaving a massive trail of destruction in its wake that is not limited to computers, but even mobile devices and services. 2016 marked the year of newly discovered ransomware families that were armed with capabilities to disrupt businesses and government services.

At current, ransomware operators have not only improved the capabilities of malware but have gone to produce increasingly threatening ransom notes that include that of bitcoins. One such service that is still recovering from the aftermath of WannaCry is London’s Barts Health NHS Trust that is still cancelling patient appointments and operations to ensure that all services were “running safely.” Such incidents leave victims no other alternatives but to adhere to the demands of cybercriminals and regain back critical files and systems. As new and improved ransomware variants continue to be seen, will we ever see the end of the ransomware scare soon?

Keeping that in mind, please find Trend Micro’s Ransomware: Past, Present and Future report for your reference on the cybersecurity provider’s notable findings surrounding ransomware to date. This includes the history and evolution of ransomware as well as notable incidents involving ransomware in 2016. In this report we also feature recommendations for enterprises in terms of mitigating and preventing ransomware infections. Details on the recent WannaCry incident are also featured, including that of the following:

1.     Ransomware: History and Evolution
2.     2016: The Year Ransomware Reigned
3.     Ransomware: Mitigation and Prevention

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