uCloudlink to showcase GlocalMe Enterprise mobility solution – designed for improved productivity and efficiency

uCloudlink to showcase GlocalMe Enterprise mobility solution
–  designed for improved productivity and efficiency

CommunicAsia, 23 to 25 May, Singapore
Stand BL5 - 07

Singapore, 22 May 2017: uCloudlink, the global leader in cloud-based SIM technology, will exhibit at CommunicAsia in Singapore.

The company will showcase its innovative GlocalMe Enterprise Mobile Broadband Solution for large corporate clients.  This enterprise-level connectivity ecosystem will help organisations realise how a better-connected and mobilised workforce can impact on productivity.  It is estimated that employees gain on average 240 additional hours of productivity if they are empowered with cutting-edge mobile solutions.

The GlocalMe user stays connected for longer as the company’s patented algorithm uses the strongest available signal from local 3G and 4G networks. It swaps between them to ensure connectivity is maintained in a robust manner.  The device creates a strong, secure and reliable personal Internet hotspot for the user – which can be used to connect multiple devices.  The hotspot works seamlessly in the background once set up – this means the user is always online, without having the hassle to search and connect to a new network each time they travel.

Kenneth Chau, Senior Vice President at uCloudlink said: “Our service works in over one hundred countries globally so is ideal for corporate travellers and business people who need to stay online whilst on the move. We keep business travellers connected with cost efficiency, convenience and security front-of-mind.”

Many business travellers use free or public Wi-Fi networks in hotels, airports and cafes during business trips – this poses a huge risk to the enterprise as these networks are often not secure, or protected.  By empowering employees with personal hotspots for business purposes the enterprise will benefit from peace-of-mind, as access to data remains via the company’s own VPN and firewall. 

Another immediate impact is an increase in the amount of productive time employees are online whilst travelling as the solution works automatically.  Employees can access the web, emails, documents and data from anywhere – with the knowledge they are within a safe and secure environment that will not incur their company high roaming costs.  This also reduces the number of ‘silent users’ who limit their online time whilst travelling for business.

Mr Chau added: “Our roaming plans offer enterprise customers an attractive and cost effective alternative.  Many businesses buy data plans that they don’t actually use.  We believe our plans can save companies up to 70% on annual data roaming costs – as our algorithm also looks at affordability between the available network signals.”

Enterprise customers also benefit from real time tracking and management of their employees devices, as well as a 24-hour technical support team.

The soon-to-launch GlocalMe Smartphone will also be available for demonstration following its global preview at Mobile World Congress 2017.  This intelligent and stylish handset offers businesses further choice when investing in devices for their employees – as it combines all the benefits of using a GlocalMe Wi-Fi device into the smartphone itself.

Visit uCloudlink at CommunicAsia, Stand BL5 – 07.  Kenneth Chau will also be hosting an executive sharing session on the topic of “Establishing a stable and secure mobile network for business”. This will be on 24 May at 1pm in the Xperience Zone, B2.

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