Change the way Video Conferences are held with the new Logitech MeetUp ConferenceCam

Open work-space setups are starting to become common for new offices. However, such new designs decreases the privacy between individuals, thus making it extremely difficult to hold private video conferences without affecting colleagues. The idea of huddle rooms came about because of such a limitation. Huddle rooms allow employees to have their privacy to carry out their video conferences and other meetings.

However, setting up of huddle rooms can be extremely expensive because of proprietary video conferencing equipment and software. Logitech aims to change the whole notion of expensive video conferencing equipment with the launch of their new MeetUp ConferenceCam.

The Logitech MeetUp ConferenceCam aims to solve common problems found in the installation of video conferencing solutions. With innovation in design and aggressive pricing strategies, the MeetUp ConferenceCam is poised to disrupt the whole ConferenceCam market. Here are the top features that makes the MeetUp stand out from competition.

1. All-In-One solution that is easy to setup

Instead of having multiple equipment with cables running around the whole meeting room or Huddle room, the MeetUp is an all-in-one solution that only requires 2 cables, one for power and one for the connection to the PC. This give all users an almost seamless plug and play experience, as MeetUp device will automatically be detected and installed on any Windows or Mac computers. The single USB connection connects all microphones, speakers and webcam unit from MeetUp to the computer!

Just a simple power port, USB 3.0 port and a Expansion Microphone port

2. High quality audio

Logitech is one of the leading designer and manufacturer for consumer speaker system. With their experience in the area, they were able to bring in the best possible designs to MeetUp. The speakers in MeetUp are custom tuned, and are specifically optimized for voice clarity in small conference rooms. There are also three microphones within the small MeetUp package, allowing beam-forming capabilities for optimal noise cancellation and isolation of voice inputs. The whole system is also Microsoft Cortana certified for precise voice command on an Windows 10 system.

Based on our first impressions with the Logitech MeetUp, we were pleasantly surprised by its performance and interference blocking capabilities. Despite having a conference meeting across four areas, namely Singapore, Manila, Philippines and Malaysia, and with varying internet speed and bandwidth, the Logitech MeetUp was able to drop all echos and feedbacks effectively for a disruption free video conference.

Mr Moninder Jain, Vice President of Logitech ASEAN & India Region
 shows off the wide angle lens capabilities of the Logitech MeetUp

3. High quality video stream with wide angle camera

Logitech has 20 years of experience in making webcams, and all the goodness of webcam technology are built into the Logitech MeetUp. Firstly, Logitech has utilized a wide 120 degree angle lens, so that everyone in a meeting room can be captured by the camera. Even if someone is sitting very near to the blind spots of common cameras, they can still be captured by the camera. Moreover, the Logitech MeetUp also supports 4K video recording, and is ready for ultra high definition video conferencing in the future.

The camera also supports 5x HD Zoom and motorized mechanical pan/tilt features.

4. Inter-operable between different video conferencing software

The Logitech MeetUp is simply a very feature-packed hardware that can be interfaced to any PC in your office. This also means that it will also work with any video conferencing software that the corporation uses. Logitech MeetUp has been certified to work well with Webex, Zoom, Skype, Vidyo,V-Cube, BlueJeans, Google Handouts and many other video conferencing software solutions.

The Logitech MeetUp ConferenceCam will disrupt the whole video conferencing equipment market with its attractive price point of 1529SGD. It will be available in July 2017 via the Logitech Video Collaboration reseller network. An additional Logitech Expansion Mic for MeetUp will also be available at a SRP of 375SGD.

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