Circles.Life users consume 2x more mobile data as Singaporeans’ data appetite increases

Circles.Life users consume 2x more mobile data as Singaporeans’ data appetite increases 
Average Circles.Life subscriber currently consumes about 8 GB of data per month

Singapore, 30 June 2017 – Data-hungry Singaporeans are tired of constantly budgeting out their monthly data usage, only to find unexpected charges on their bill at the end of the month for exceeding their data allowances.

In response to increased consumer demand for more data, Circles.Life launched its 20 GB for $20 Data Plus option in March. Since then, all other telcos have also launched competitive data upsize offerings.

The average Circles.Life subscriber now consumes about 8 GB of mobile data a month, twice as much as the Singapore industry average of 3 to 4 GB per month.

With more data, Circles.Life customers can enjoy more from their favourite video and music streaming sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Drama Fever and Spotify as well as stay socially connected via Facebook and Instagram.   

Rameez Ansar, co-founder and director of Circles.Life, said: “With the 20GB Data Plus, Circles.Life is winning over even more of our target market of data-savvy customers. Consumers here have been demanding more data but they had limited options to get a significant amount of data at an affordable price. Since the introduction of the 20GB Data Plus option, we have seen a dramatic increase in the average monthly data used by our customers. If you give customers more data, they will use it.”

Over the last few years, telcos here have started to offer no-contract SIM-only plans in addition to their traditional mobile contracts. In just one year, Circles.Life is leading the growth of no-contract SIM-only mobile plans.

“Customers are discovering smarter ways to buy phones and SIM cards separately without a contract. We believe that many data-savvy consumers want to have the flexibility to switch to the best mobile plan, especially in an increasingly competitive market where telcos are constantly upping the ante,” added Mr Ansar.

Despite having no contracts, Circles.Life users are remaining loyal due to superior customer service, loyalty bonuses and flexible data options. Not only are subscribers staying on for longer, but 91% of customers are recommending Circles.Life to friends and family.

As the newest telco in Singapore, Circles.Life is focusing on fuelling the new demands of data-savvy Singaporeans who do not want to be locked in by contracts, and is aiming to hit 4-6 per cent market share in Singapore over the next few years.

In celebration of its first birthday, Circles.Life is giving all of its subscribers 1GB of free additional mobile data for six months from July to December 2017.

About Circles.Life

Circles.Life is Singapore’s fourth operator and the first telco to enter the market in 15 years. Circles.Life targets data-hungry consumers who want to be free from the chains of bundles or contracts, giving control back to consumers through smart but simple-to-use technology. Circles.Life is designed for the modern consumer who wants plenty of mobile data and exceptional customer experience. Customers are rewarded with additional monthly Bonus Data through loyalty and referral programs as well as through special celebratory occasions such as National Day and Chinese New Year.    

Every new subscription using a customer’s personal referral code gives them an extra 200MB per month, while customers are rewarded with an additional 500MB for every six months they stay subscribed to Circles.Life.

Appendix A: Key milestones for Circles.Life

June 2016
Launch of Circles.Life, Singapore’s fourth mobile phone operator

June 2016
Launches $0 upfront instalment plan devices.
August 2016
Launch of National Day 2016 bonus data giveaway – 10GB free mobile data (August to December 2016)

September 2016
Launch of Port-in Bonus Data Campaign – 2GB/month bonus data for porting in (1GB will last till December 2017 and 1GB/ month to last forever)

November 2016
Launch of Contract Break-Up Campaign – up to 12GB/month bonus data for proving you broke up with your telco contract.

January 2017
Launch of 2017 New Year’s bonus - 1GB bonus data to all subscribers till 30 June 2017

March 2017
Launch of 20GB for $20 add-on through a sensational guerrilla campaign
May 2017
1GB Bonus Data giveaway (for the month of May 2017)

May 2017
Launch of Data Dare campaign

June 2017
Birthday Giveaway – 1GB/month (July to December 2017)

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