Dell Inc. Continues its Commitment to Communities, People and the Environment through 2020 Legacy of Good Report

Dell Inc. Continues its Commitment to Communities, People and the Environment through 2020 Legacy of Good Report

·         First combined 2020 Legacy of Good report brings together Dell and EMC corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives toward advancing human progress
·         Company increases scale, offers more opportunities to innovate on behalf of people and the planet
·         Report underscores Dell’s commitment to its supply chain

Singapore – June 21, 2017 – Dell Inc. reports the first 2020 Legacy of Good update that recognizes key CSR achievements for the combined company following Dell’s merger with EMC1. The plan outlines Dell’s long-term commitment to society, team members and the environment. As a result of the merger, the company has a broader technology portfolio, more engaged team members and greater resources to address the world’s most pressing challenges. The report summarizes the efforts of Fiscal Year 2017 (Feb. 1, 2016 – Jan. 31, 2017).

“Bringing together Dell and EMC in September 2016 gave us an opportunity to reflect on our progress and establish a core set of commitments that represent the best of both companies,” said Trisa Thompson, Chief Responsibility Officer at Dell. "We have a newfound energy as we think about the opportunity we have to put our combined portfolio, expertise and resources to good work. It’s already encouraging tremendous innovation that will benefit our customers and our world.”

David Webster, President, APJ Enterprise, Dell EMC, added: “In the context of the fast pace of change in the world, organizations are looking to work with companies that have a strong culture and strive to do good, because it ultimately enables businesses to be more resilient. Our customers and team in APJ see great value in the Legacy of Good Report, which demonstrates how they can deliver on a common vision to drive business success.”
Amit Midha, President, APJ Commercial, Dell EMC, also commented: “The APJ region plays a key role in creating the energy and innovation that contributes to the progress towards a Legacy of Good, effectively using our capabilities to find opportunities to do good for society, community and our planet. We see some great examples that demonstrate how we can build on our strengths and use these to make a positive impact.”

The updated plan and goals reflect how Dell and EMC came together with a shared commitment to people and the planet. For example, the combined company has increased its investment in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) education for underserved youth. The company has also extended its partnership with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) for the third year running to promote the importance of STEM through mentoring program and scholarships.[1]
To help cultivate an inclusive culture, Dell is extending its flexible work program to legacy EMC team members and offering more employee resource groups, connecting team members who share interests, lifestyles, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity or background. And as a combined company, Dell achieved part of its American Business Act on Climate Pledge to plant 1 million trees to offset carbon emissions and restore natural habitats around the globe. Lastly, this year’s report includes additional goals dedicated to driving transparency, accountability and continuous improvement throughout Dell’s global supply chain.
The initial plan was developed during Dell’s Fiscal Year 2014 (Feb. 1, 2013 – Jan. 31, 2014). Today’s 2020 Legacy of Good update includes original goals, adjusted goals as well as new goals to reflect the opportunities, scale and expertise of our combined organization. Report highlights include:

·         Dell has offered expertise and technology for 2.3 million underserved children directly and over 10 million people indirectly through strategic giving programs, reaching 59 percent of Dell’s direct impact goal and 84 percent of the indirect goal.
·         Since FY14, Dell employees provided over 3.3 million hours of community service in the areas in which they live and work. Dell’s goal is to provide 5 million cumulative hours of service by 2020.
·         Dell’s partnership, funding and technology enables TGen to accelerate and improve treatment plans for cancer patients. By working with Dell, the increased computational and storage capacity has reduced the time it takes to sequence a genome from multiple weeks to just six hours, logging over 1 million computational hours per month.
·         The first activity for the integrated Dell EMC Japan targeted the one-in-six children living in poverty in the country. Team members donated their books in support of the Teach for Japan non-profit organization.

·         Dell offers 14 different employee resource groups (ERGs) to help instill an inclusive culture. As of December 2016, 23 percent of team members are engaged in employee resource groups. Pride, Dell’s ERG for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender team members and allies, is one of the fastest-growing ERGs. Much of that growth came through new chapters in Asia and Latin America, locations where identifying as LGBT is not always widely accepted. In APJ, Dell launched the Sydney chapter of Pride employee resource group – the first chapter in the region. Its success led to the launch of a remote chapter to meet immediate demand from others in the region outside of Australia.
·         Dell further expanded its flexible work programs to Dell EMC team members, encouraging eligible employees to work where, how and when it is most productive for them. Dell’s goal is to increase global participation to 50 percent by 2020.
·         Dell continued to be recognized as an Employer of Choice, garnering awards in over 20 countries. In November 2016, Dell launched its first employee survey as a combined company, with positive results: 82 percent of team members said they felt inspired, exceeding the goal of 75 percent.
·         More than 40 volunteers from Dell EMC in India mentored teams at the world’s biggest hackathon, Smart India Hackathon 2017, organized by India’s Ministry of Human Resources and Development. The event saw 32,000 students work on more than 600 problems provided by India’s government, with first and second place going to teams mentored by Dell engineers.

·         Dell exceeded the initial 2020 goal of using 50 million pounds of sustainable materials in its products and adjusted the goal to use 100 million pounds of recycled-content plastic and other sustainable materials.
·         Dell began shipping the XPS 13 2-in-1 in packaging made from ocean-bound plastics and made a public commitment to increase annual usage 10x by 2025 as well as open source Dell’s supply chain to encourage broad use of ocean plastics by other companies.
·         Dell has recovered 1.8 billion pounds of electronics, 88 percent of the way toward its 2020 goal to recycle 2 billion pounds of used electronics by 2020.
·         Dell gave team members the opportunity to select where they wanted a tree planted to commemorate the first day as an integrated company. More than 41,000 employees participated and Dell added additional trees to bring the total number planted up above 140,000. Many team members chose to have theirs planted in Indonesia (in areas to support the Malaysian Tiger’s habitat) via WWF.

Supply Chain
·         Dell expanded transparency into supply chain operations through the release of the semiannual Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Progress Report, which describes supply chain performance on Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) audits and other initiatives.
·         Dell also introduced new supply chain sub-goals focused on EICC audits, emissions reporting and water risk mitigation plans to help drive responsible actions amongst suppliers.
·         In APJ, Dell is also providing joint management trainings to suppliers in partnership with other leading IT companies, for example in Malaysia and Singapore, to build awareness and help identify strategies related to forced labor and human trafficking.

 [1] Dell LoG APJ Proof Points – under People Initiatives

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