Dirt 4 Review | Ready To Rally Your Courage And Embrace The Dirt?

Ever wanted to experience how it feels to take part in rallying? *Check*
Want to ride on sweet looking off-road vehicles? *Check*
Does it look fabulous on any standard gaming console? *Check*
Dirt 4 ticks many boxes when it comes to a racing game. However, we should not take everything at face value. Instead, let us take a deeper look on how Dirt 4 fares!


If there is one thing that Dirt 4 does really well, the driving experience is one of them. Being able to see what a driver sees, while the co-driver is reading the track's pace notes, players would be fully immersed in the shoes of a rally driver. The game also does a great job at making players feel the rush of satisfaction after finally passing each race, with multiple failures.

Dirt 4 spices things up by including a weather system into each course, which mimics the unpredictability of the weather in real life. The game oozes with authenticity with the way how raindrops slide as the windshield wiper swings back and forth, and how the fog really obscures your vision. All these makes playing Dirt 4 an intense and immersive experience.

It's The Little Things

Dirt 4 also includes amazing soundtracks that accompanies players during each loading screen or menu. These helps to pump up players right before each race. Not to mention, minute features such as the controller's vibration was also put to good use. Being able to feel the controller vibrate, based on how rough the terrain is and how much damage the vehicle is receiving, adds to the immersive factor of racing in a rally.


Over 50 off-road cars is featured, each of which is customizable to help add a flair of personality. Players are also given the ability to hire their own car engineers, or even their very own PR agent to aid in sponsorship deals! These gives players the feeling of ownership to their own team.


All in all, Dirt 4 helped me to discover a new-found love for racing games. These is all thanks to its ability to immerse players into the heated world of rallying.
Dirt 4 can be found on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on Steam.

+ Immersive driving experience
+ Weather system helps to add challenge
+ Sweet soundtrack
+ Wide variety of vehicles
+ Highly customizable

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