Retarus E-Mail Security now includes E-mail Live Search and optimized Phishing Protection

Retarus E-Mail Security now includes E-mail Live Search and optimized Phishing Protection
“Protect”, “Detect” and “Respond”: More powerful protection from identity theft and substantially less strain on support staff in the analysis of security incidents
Singapore, May 31st, 2017 – Global information logistics provider Retarus continues the expansion of its e-mail security services by making a high-performance phishing filter and a new e-mail live search portal available to its customers in Southeast Asia. This means that Retarus E-mail Security now enables companies to cover the protection, detection and response categories more thoroughly and conveniently within the scope of a holistic security concept. Earlier this year, Retarus already took a step in this direction with the introduction of its innovative Patient Zero Detection technology, which makes it possible to still identify malware contained in e-mails, even after the messages have been delivered to the user’s inbox.
Conventional virus protection solutions are not able to offer companies one hundred percent protection from the ever more sophisticated methods cyber-criminals are using, as was made painfully clear by the recent attacks involving the ransomware WannaCry. Industry experts Gartner thus recommend employing detection and response solutions, in addition to virus protection, to ensure that the IT network is best safeguarded. These requirements are now ably fulfilled by Retarus’ E-mail Security services with their new extended range of functions. Enterprises benefit not only from reliable protective mechanisms against known malware, but also from the opportunity to quickly detect attacks that have already taken place, to analyze them and to take action to prevent severe consequences.
“Companies in Southeast Asia are increasingly looking for holistic email security solutions that are not only efficient and thorough in spotting and safeguarding against threats to work in tandem with their cybersecurity professionals,” said Oliver Prevrhal, Managing Director of Retarus Asia. “Retarus understands the importance, which is why we built on Retarus E-mail Security Services with enhanced features for value-added protection.”
Maximum protection from phishing attacksTo bolster their coverage of the “Protection” aspect, Retarus has now augmented its E-mail-Security-Portfolio by providing an additional phishing filter, which ensures that e-mails containing dubious links do not even reach the employees’ inboxes. The new technology broadens the tried and tested multiple virus scanners and the existing anti-spam filtering mechanisms provided by Retarus’ services. It scans through incoming e-mails in real time for potential phishing attacks, drawing on several databases to achieve optimal detection rates. The filtering rules are continually supplemented and always kept up to date. Depending on the configuration, phishing e-mails are either automatically sent to quarantine or deleted without delay.
Efficient tracing and analysis of errorsShould new kinds of viruses manage to find their way into the system, despite comprehensive protective measures, it is essential for those concerned to react and identify impacted systems without delay - before the malware has had a chance to cause more substantial damage. In the “Response” category, Retarus provides companies with the fitting tool by extending their portfolio to include E-mail Live Search. With this clear and convenient search portal, administrators are now able to trace with a high degree of precision when which e-mail security filters and rules were applied for each and every message. The user-friendly web interface delivers detailed results in real time, enabling exceptionally speedy analysis and IT forensics - for example during cyber attacks. To provide company networks with better protection from future attacks, the system settings can be optimized based on the search results. Support employees are moreover in a position to provide detailed information on the whereabouts of a missing e-mail, for instance, without investing a great deal of effort.    

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