Transcend's In-Car Cameras - 3 Features you never knew possible

An in-car camera could have just been a very simple kind of technology with only video recording feature. However, in the pursuit for innovation, Transcend has developed many other features and applications on top of plain recording, so as to show off what is exactly possible with the combination of proper hardware and software engineering.

Many may not have known that Transcend actually develops in-car camera/dashcams. Despite being rather new in the field, their product features are indeed top-notch. At COMPUTEX 2017, we were introduced with the different unique features of the latest Transcend in-car cameras. Here are the three key applications that differentiate their in-car camera from the rest.

1. Lane Departure Warning System

For drivers, it is essential to know that they are keeping in their own lanes. Accidental lane departures could potentially be fatal, if an unknowing vehicle is coming across into the merging lane at high speed. With the Lane Departure Warning System, the Transcend in-car cameras will alert the drivers when their vehicle is deviating from their current lane. This gives the drivers enough time to react and correct their directions, thus making it a lot safer on the road. 

2. Forward Collision Warning System

The Forward Collision Warning System is another feature that could potentially save someone's life. Since the Transcend in-car camera is able to detect the current speed of the vehicle, it is also able to find out if your vehicle is too close to the car ahead. This prevents the driver from rear-ending the vehicle ahead, in a situation when the front vehicle makes a sudden emergency brake. It ensures vehicles maintain a safe distance on the road, allowing the whole expressway a much safer place to be. 

3. Headlight Reminder Alerts

In Singapore, motorists are required to turn on their vehicle's headlights from 7pm onwards, or if they are in a tunnel. More luxury or advanced cars will have an light sensor which turns on their headlights automatically when it detects a low light environment. Vehicle owners whose vehicle do not have such feature will have to rely on their habits and memory to remember to turn on their headlights. 

Luckily, with the Headlight Reminder Alert feature, the Transcend in-car camera will alert you to turn on your headlights. These cameras have built in image analysis algorithms to determine whether headlights are required. It could be extremely useful for motorists who tend to be more forgetful. 

Transcend's DrivePro 230

All these innovative and safety features are available on the latest Transcend DrivePro 230 camera. Launched just before COMPUTEX 2017, this is the flagship in-car camera from Transcend. It features a Sony Exmor image sensor that specializes in capturing high-resolution videos. This new sensor is said to capture videos well in low light situations too. Also, it even has a built in GPS receiver, battery, a handy snapshot button, and Wi-Fi connectivity for remote file access. 

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