Vainglory Heroes Get "Ultimate" Boost in update 2.5.0

Vainglory heroes set to get power boost with latest update

- Update 2.5.0 will see Super Evil Megacorp roll out “Talents” in non-competitive play, some jaw-dropping new skins and quest interface changes    -

Singapore, 1 June 2017 – Gwen’s ultimate skill is a sight to behold. When unleashed, the slick gunslinger can turn the tide of battle, flinging an energy-charged poker card at her opponent, stunning and damaging opposing heroes. Now with Talents, she can do it three times better.

From June 1, 2017(GMT +8), all heroes will now have three unlock-able Talents, tiered between “Rare”, “Epic”, and “Legendary”. Each Talent is unique to each individual hero, and affects the game in several ways. Some flashier Talents, like Gwen’s previously mentioned Aces High, affects play directly, by increasing a skill’s damage or the area of effect. Some are more utilitarian, like Koshka’s Frenzied Talent, which allows her basic attack to lower the cooldown timer of her skills. With such a variety of Talents available, players will be allowed to make even more dramatic plays on the battlefield.

Talents will only be available in Vainglory’s, non-competitive “Brawl” game modes, which allow for short and casual five to ten minute games.
An Ace? How about three of a kind? The introduction of Talents will see Hero abilities get super-sized
How do I get Talents?
Players interested in unlocking these Talents for their hero-of-choice, can do so by collecting “Talent coins” through one of three ways. Players can choose to perform daily quests and complete five matches with five heroes of their choice to earn a Hero chest. Alternatively, players can earn “Talent coins”, through random drops by purchasing mystery chests as well as purchasing a set of randomly selected Talent coins on the marketplace.

Purchasing a set of Talent coins can only be done through the game’s “earned” currency, Glory. Once the Talents have been unlocked, players will be encouraged to level up these Talents, also using Talent coins and Glory.

Casual battles are about to get wilder in Brawl game modes

Other updates

1.     New Hero Skins
Veteran players will be excited to learn that some of their favourite heroes will be getting new skins update 2.5.0
The “Netherknight” Lance (Legendary) will be one of the four new hero skins rolled out in 2.5.0

  • “Netherknight” Lance (Legendary)
  • "Broken Doll” Alpha (Legendary)
  • “Spider Queen” Kestrel (Epic)
  • “Lapdog” Grumpjaw (Rare)

2.     Quest Interface Changes

  • The new “5-Hero Chest” replaces the first quest slot on the app front page. Play five different heroes to earn talent coins for those specific heroes! Make progress faster upgrading talents for the heroes you enjoy most.
  • Players will see a more prominent presentation of bonuses on the App’s front page for consecutive wins

3.     Purchase Option

With the introduction of the new Talents progression system, Glory (earned currency) has become a much more precious commodity and you may run low from time to time. If there’s a talent coin you need in the Pick 3 or an upgrade just out of reach, you can now buy Glory with ICE (premium currency) to ensure you don’t miss out.

4.     Dodging and Low Priority Queue Changes
  • Players dodging matches will face stricter penalizations, in Ranked matches, losing visual skill tier approximately equal to if you lost that match.
  • Players detected and reported for trolling behavior will face spending time in the Low Priority Queue (LPQ), where they face a countdown clock before they can play their next match.


Vainglory 2.5.0 is out on 1 June 2017 (GMT+8). The game is available in the Amazon Store, the App Store and Google Play.

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About Vainglory
Vainglory is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game, developed and published by Super Evil Megacorp for iOS and Android devices. The game features traditional elements of the PC game genre, where players of two opposing teams fight to destroy the enemy base by controlling the path between the bases, which is lined by turrets and guarded by AI controlled enemy creatures. Players may also battle for control points that supply extra resources, often giving teams the edge in destroying the enemy base.

Optimized for touch-based controls and portability, Vainglory features simplified gameplay mechanics and an intuitive interface for the ultimate mobile MOBA experience. Powered by the proprietary E.V.I.L.™ engine, Super Evil games deliver console-quality graphics, precision controls and online gameplay experiences not possible with an out-of-the-box tablet engine solution.

About Super Evil Megacorp
Super Evil Megacorp is a team of masters-at-ther-craft game developers. The company’s first title, Vainglory, quickly rose to become the world’s largest mobile esport after its global launch in early 2015. In less than a year, Vainglory has held live competitive gaming events in Asia, North America and Europe, and awarded more than $350,000 in prize money. In addition to its success in the esports realm, Vainglory has received top game development honours, including Apple’s “Best Apps” in 2014 and 2015, the Apple Design Award at WWDC, The IMGA’s Best Technical Achievement and People’s Choice Awards, and the Tabby Award for Best iPad game in the RPG Simulation and Strategy category.

Super Evil Megacorp is based in San Mateo, CA. The team is currently 45 people strong and is hiring. Super Evil has raised $41M in funding from backers including General Catalyst, Index Ventures, Signia Venture Partners, Korea Investment Partners, CrossCut Ventures, Initial Capital, The Raine Group, ZhenFund, Yuri Milner, and Jim Breyer of Breyer Capital.

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