A look at the MasterBox K Series for 2017/2018

At COMPUTEX 2017, we were introduced to the new Cooler Master cases for 2017 and 2018. Cooler Master will be refreshing the models from all the different product categories. The MasterBox K series will be replacing the popular and affordable K series. We had a sneak peek at the two new MasterBox K series ATX cases.

There are two main design types for the MasterBox K500L. Firstly, there is a front meshed design that could be attractive to gamers. With the option to install up to 3 x 140mm fans at the front, the case is expected to perform extremely well in terms of cooling.

Alternatively, the MasterBox K500L also comes in a more sophisticated transparent front cover design. The cover is also slightly darkened, toning down the brightness of the RGB fans and giving the whole case a singular and sexy premium vibe. There are also ventilation holes found at the front cover to ensure that airflow is not obstructed. 

Both designs feature the same internals. While most of the features seem standard, Cooler Master has included a cable cover to hide all the nasty ball of cables coming out of the PSU. The cables going onto the motherboard or SATA ports can also be hidden behind an additional shield. 

Which design do you prefer? The fierce meshed or the sexy black tinted fronts? Regardless, we know that the MasterBox K series will be available very soon at a very enticing price point, and will sure be a hit with system builders.

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