Accel World VS Sword Art Online Review | Ready To SWITCH To ACCELeration?

Worlds collide as characters from two of Reki Kawahara’s award-winning series’ come together on a journey through time to save Yui in a completely original story.

Fans of Accel World and Sword Art Online rejoice, Accel World VS Sword Art Online is finally available from today onwards! Now you can enjoy the casts of both universes in a single game. It starts off by cruelly ripping away your beloved daughter, Yui, and it is now your task to rescue her from Personna Babel. Who is she and what is her objective? Further questions will pop up when you discover more and more about the phenomena of the two worlds merging.

Continuing on, let us find out if the game truly lives up to its hype!

Flying & Graphics

First thing players will notice is how similar the game is to Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Both games' main focus is around the ability to fly with the story taking place in the same VR world, ALfheim Online. Playing as fairies, you will be able to traverse over mountains and even zip through underground passageways freely. Not only does it open up the board to aerial combat, it also makes the world around you feel massive.

While soaring through the skies, there is a noticeable feeling of smoothness. The Frames Per Second (FPS) kind. Yes, the game runs at a stable 60 FPS for the most part! This is a rather impressive feat with the game requiring to render not only the detailed monsters and objects on ground, but also the sky-scraping landmarks of each map. Not to mention, the graphics looks amazing even while being able to view the entire terrain from one end of the map. However, the engine struggles when you enter the town area. There will be occasional dips in frame rate, and the cause of which is probably due to the number of NPCs with detailed character models that are needed to be rendered simultaneously.


When it comes to combat, Accel World VS Sword Art Online is definitely the most fast-paced amongst the other Sword Art Online games. Combat animations quickly flows from one to another, without any judders. Moreover, the skills itself feel more fluid, even while keeping the heftiness in each attack. Not to mention, the freedom of flight adds an additional layer of depth to combat.

Skill chains are now simpler to pull off its predecessor. Performing another skill right after the previous cancels out the delay, which happens right after performing any ability. Simply mashing the next skill button allows this to be done with ease. Moreover, there will be a damage bonus that is comparable to the number of abilities you chain called Skill Connect. This is unlike Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, which features a much more precise timing system to be able to chain abilities together. The change in difficulty can be seen as a boon some, but players who seek the challenge of that aspect of combat might be disappointed.

Instead of relying on the timing system, the game went ahead and upgraded the Switch system to make it more dynamic. With the new Switch system in place, a character in your 3-man party will be able to instantly switch places with your current character. Not only will you be given control of that character and their abilities, you will also receive a significant damage boost. As compared to its predecessor, the new Switch skill in Accel World VS Sword Art Online is definitely a huge improvement!

What this entails is the ability to pull off of tremendously long chain of abilities. You will be able to chain not only your own character skills, but also those of your entire party. By the time you are done with the entire sequences of skills, your main character should have their abilities ready to go! With the introduction of the new Switch system, the game manages to keep battles even more engrossing.


Loved the aerial freedom of Sword Art Online: Lost Song? Wished that the Switch system would be more epic like in the anime? Ever wanted to fight alongside your favorite characters in Accel World? Definitely pick Accel World VS Sword Art Online up! You can get the game for the PS4 and PS Vita in the PS Store today!

+ Aerial combat
+ Humongous and detailed maps
+ Relatively stable frame rate (60 FPS)
+ Fast-paced action
+ Fluid combat animations
+ Vastly improved Switch system
= Simpler skill chain timings

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