TomTom at COMEX 2017 – Star Products

 TomTom at COMEX 2017 – Star Products

TomTom Runner 3 Cardio+Music
Normal Price: $299
COMEX 2017 Price: $249

1. Take on new routes with confidence
With the TomTom Runner 3, runners can add color to their training routine by exploring new running routes with added confidence, knowing exactly which path to take and how to get back. This is made possible by the GPS-trace displayed on the watch, tracks at every moment where you are and where you are headed. Runners can challenge themselves to take on tougher routes with steeper terrains, or take it easy with a relatively flat trail – whichever the route, they need not worry about losing their way.
2. Music to keep you going (and going and going…)
We all know that music is a great form of motivator when taking on the toughest workout regimes. In fact, research has explored this very role of music – it distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort and may even promote metabolic efficiency. The TomTom Runner 3 Cardio+Music model features an integrated 3GB music player, storing up to 500 songs – this spares runners the hassle of strapping a phone to their arm or risk earphone wires getting in the way.
3. Track all your activities with one sports watch
Steps, active minutes, distance, calories burned and sleep duration are all tracked by the 24/7 activity tracking feature in the TomTom Runner 3. With the built-in heart rate monitor, runners can further embark on heart rate training, which tells them exactly how hard - or how easy - they're running. Track different sports activity on your watch with dedicated modes and real-time stats for gym, bike, swim, treadmill, freestyle and more.

TomTom Touch Cardio
Normal Price: $159
COMEX 2017 Price: $99

1. Fitness starts with your heart
TomTom Touch Cardio’s heart rate monitoring function tracks your heart rate throughout the day and adds to a more accurate calculation of the calories burnt during exercise. This measures the true intensity of your efforts and provides insights about your fitness level. Also, to ensure that every minute counts, it captures your steps, active time, calories burned and sleep, to help you set goals, observe trends and stay on track.
2. Ensuring every minute counts
Beyond capturing your heart rate, the TomTom Touch Cardio also tracks your steps, active time, calories burned and sleep to provide you a comprehensive look at your health. Set goals, observe trends and stay on track!
3. All your insights in the new TomTom Sports App
Track all your sports and activities in one app, with your progress insights and personal bests accessible at a glance. Dive deeper for intuitive breakdowns of more detailed analysis.

TomTom GO 520
Normal Price: $349
COMEX 2017 Price: $279

1. Get direct updates via Wi-Fi
Get the latest maps and software for your TomTom GO via built-in Wi-Fi. Your car navigation system will notify you when new updates are available - simply connect to your preferred Wi-Fi network and choose what to install from the menu.

2. Go hands-free throughout your drive
Hear text messages from your smartphone safely, with your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Let your TomTom GO read them out for you or simply call contacts that messaged you via hands-free calling.
3. Compatible with Siri and Google Now™

Activate and talk to Siri or Google Now™ by tapping a button on your TomTom GO and using its built-in microphone. Get full access to your personal assistant with your phone safely tucked away in your bag or pocket saving battery life.

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