ViewQwest launches Cyber Security Suite to meet the rising demands of Businesses

With the rising cyber security threats around the world, businesses which rely largely on the internet and cloud services for their daily operations are now dealing with a larger risk. Businesses are also finding it hard to keep up with the increasingly sophisticated cyber security landscape. Essentially, the question that business owners will ask is:
How can I safeguard both my online and cloud assets from cyberattacks effectively?
To meet the demands, ICT provider ViewQwest has just recently launched a suite of cyber security services that promises flexibility, affordability and fuss-free implementations. By subscribing to these solutions, business owners can effectively upgrade their organization's cyber security defenses and be prepared for any sort of cyberattacks. 

ViewQwest has partnered with industry-leading cyber security solution providers to bring state-of-the-art cyber security technologies directly to local businesses. With a multi-pronged strategy, ViewQwest targets the different aspect of cyber protections to bring out a suite of services that protects 4 main key areas.

  1. Cloud Access Security Broker
    Cloud Security Access Broker (CASB) solution creates an additional layer of protection by setting up a “middleman” that scans all the data files moving between users’ devices and the cloud servers. These scanning and cleaning processes are taking place behind the scenes, so it’s business as usual for users. Another feature of this solution is the ability for the company to selectively and remotely wipe the email accounts of employees who have left the company, instead of wiping the entire device. The solution also does not require the installation of any software on the users’ devices.
  2. Managed Detection and Remediation (MDR)
    ViewQwest’s Managed Detection and Remediation (MDR) security service sets up a “last line of defense” for individual devices to defend against malware that are not even known globally. MDR works by scanning all the processes within each device. When a malware attempts to infect the device, the MDR software detects the infection attempt, then blocks and isolates the malware in real time. What is unique is that the MDR solution does not require any human interaction.
    This allows users to continue working without affecting the company's productivity. It also ensures that the infected files are contained within the user’s device, without risking further spreading.

  3. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
    Customers on ViewQwest's fibre internet solutions can subscribe to their DDoS Protection services. The service runs all Internet traffic through the DDoS Detection System, allowing for the identification of suspicious traffic patterns. Upon the detection of malicious signatures, traffic is then run through a dedicated scrubbing center. The center will then return clean traffic to your network. DDoS protection happens at a core router level, enabling uninterruptible businesses traffic with the lowest latencies.

  4. Managed Network Security
    ViewQwest offers businesses a comprehensive threat protection system which utilizes a highly effective approach to manage security challenges with layered security, or a “defense-in-depth” strategy. Partnerships with industry-leading security players and processes can help businesses to selectively outsource security tasks, ensuring that your data and infrastructure are protected. Services include Managed Firewall, Intrusion Detection/Prevention System, Content-Filtering/Policy Management, Virtual Private Network, Application Control, Data Leak Prevention, Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus and Vulnerability Scan.

Users can also "mix and match" the various services based on their own organization's requirements, and ViewQwest will take care of the rest. These services are catered for all enterprises regardless of size, and ViewQwest assures that the adoption of their Cyber Security services will be straightforward. 

"Large enterprises with IT departments can work with ViewQwest’s team to configure these security services to meet their corporate security policies. For smaller businesses which do not have the luxury of an IT team, ViewQwest offers a fuss-free system where ViewQwest will handle all the nitty-gritty of setting up and monitoring the cyber defenses so that the business owner can focus on business - instead of worrying about attacks."

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