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Dragon Ball FighterZ is an upcoming 2.5D fighting game that is based off the beloved Dragon Ball franchise. It is designed to be played on both the PS4 and Xbox as well as on the PC, opening the doors to the majority of gamers.

In the short time spent during the closed multiplayer beta, everything went rather smoothly. Selecting the lobby character as well as the fighting team was simple. Finding opponents was also rather quick, and it also comes with a cute Chibi-styled fighting animation when waiting. Even though the ping is shown to be not optimal (e.g. 1/3 or 2/3 of the ping bar), the latency is unnoticeable during combat with actions feeling immediate and without any delay. Not to mention, the game is greatly optimized for the consoles with a relatively smooth experience when played on a PS4 Slim.

As Dragon Ball FighterZ is the latest game in its lineup, it is one the best-looking games - as it should be. Thanks to it being a 2D-ish brawler, like Injustice and Tekken, more graphical fidelity is present as lesser objects are required to be rendered. Hits and combos feel punchy with flashy effects not getting in the way of the combat. As a result, it looks miles better than other open-world games.

When it comes to combat, it feels pretty similar to other brawlers that feature 3v3 assist mechanics such as the Marvel vs Capcom series. Combos can be picked up pretty easily with some practice once each characters' specific attack patterns are learnt. However, unlike many other brawler games, character movesets were not available in the options menu. This can result in beginners not fully experiencing each characters abilities. Thankfully, this oversight will probably be fixed in the main game as it is still an unfinished product.

With things looking good while still in a closed beta stage, Dragon Ball FighterZ seems prepped and ready for a smooth official launch.

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