Lenovo computing devices that empowers the #CitizensofTMRW

Our top picks on Lenovo's 2017 PC lineup!

Held at Marina Square from the 30th August to 3rd September, the CitizensofTMRW campaign brings consumers through Lenovo's latest portfolio of products. Here are our top picks from all the different devices that we found at the event!

For the Entrepreneurs - X1 Yoga 

The X1 Yoga fits the bill for a high performing business machines. Like any other Yoga devices, the X1 Yoga is versatile to operate in different modes for various user scenarios. For productivity, the X1 Yoga can be in the usual laptop mode. It can also be transformed into tent mode for presentations or media consumption, or in tablet mode for note taking/scribbling when taking down ideas. Oh yes, the device also comes with a stylus for inking. The X1 Yoga supports mobile networks with a SIM card slot, which could be very useful for entrepreneurs who are always on the go, providing uninterrupted internet connectivity.

For the Students - Ideapad 720S

It is a straightforward choice for students to go with the Ideapad 720S for their daily needs. The Ideapad main value comes at its thin and light design without that premium price tag. Its Full-HD display, long battery life (rated up to 14 hours), Intel Kaby Lake processor, DDR4 RAM and SSD configuration also makes it a great productivity device. 

For the Gamers - Legion Y520

We have previously had our hands on the Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming laptop, and determined that this was a great choice for gamers who wants to game at 1080p resolution. Equipped with NVIDIA's Pascal based dedicated GeForce Graphics Cards, this unit excels in many of today's games. You can learn more about the device at our review here

For the Designers - Miix 510

Designers require direct inking on a tablet device for their work. This feature will be very useful for them when sketching or colouring their pieces. The Miix 510 is a convertible Tablet PC that runs on the latest Windows 10 Operating System. With an included active stylus pen, the Miix 510 can better utilize the Windows Ink features too. Of course, an active stylus pen as opposed to a passive one provides more features and accuracy, which will be extremely important for designers. The Miix hybrid machines can even be docked to a keyboard, so that it can perform equally well with productivity functions. 

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