Shootout Challenge Showed How Viewing Angles Can Affect Even
England’s Iconic Soccer Stars – Steven Gerrard and Adam Lallana

BERLIN, September 6, 2017 — LG Electronics (LG) successfully concluded its LG Nano CellTM Super Match, which pitted international football stars Steven Gerrard and Adam Lallana against one another in a unique shootout competition, and generated over 100 million views and over 4 million social interactions on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels. LG’s popular video campaign also topped the Viral Video Chart of Advertising Age in the second and third weeks of August.

The LG Nano Cell Super Match elicited passionate social media responses, and this high level of engagement for its campaign was due to a combination of factors. Firstly, the LG Nano Cell Super Match leveraged the brilliant football skills of Steven Gerrard and Adam Lallana. Secondly, several YouTubers who maintain massive online audiences, such as Ali-A, ChrisMD and Freekickerz, participated and commented during the Super Match. But most important of all, the success of the Super Match hinged on LG’s experimental arena, which demonstrated how LG Nano Cell TVs’ accurate colors from any angle provide a key benefit both on the pitch and in the living room.

In a video (Link) that has been watched millions of times around the world, Gerrard and Lallana show off their world-class football abilities by skillfully aiming the ball at small, numbered squares on a screen positioned at a 60 degree angle from the footballers. The uniquely designed pitch was split in half and divided by a dual-sided screen, which displayed a range of numbers indicating point values with alternating plus and minus signs. During the challenge, both Gerrard and Lallana had difficulty achieving high scores on the side equipped with displays of a conventional LCD TV because they could not correctly read the positive and negative signs on the screen.

However, this did not happen on the side of the pitch equipped with LG’s Nano Cell-enabled SUPER UHD TVs, as both players could view LG’s Billion Rich Colors from any angle in the arena. Nano Cell displays can maintain excellent picture quality consistently at angles of up to 60 degrees. In contrast, other LCD TVs with narrow viewing angles suffer from image degradation, which results in faded colors and even the omission of some visual content when the screen is viewed at an angle of more than 30 degrees off-axis.

“When I checked the score board after the first round using LG’s SUPER UHD TVs with Nano Cell, I wondered what had happened to Lallana’s football abilities on the other side,” said Gerrard. “But once we switched sides, I realized it was actually a lot harder to figure out which targets to hit. The interesting arena taught me that being able to clearly see what’s there and what’s not, even at extreme angles, is important for scoring goals and when watching TV in the living room.”

The ability of a TV to render images consistently across a range of viewing angle is receiving more attention from experts as an important factor in determining overall picture quality. Though other LCD TVs claim the ability to render billions of colors, viewers can only experience these benefits when seated directly in front of the TV’s center. This is because colors, contrast and brightness on these displays can vary depending on the user’s viewing position or angle. However, according to a study conducted by IPSOS, on average only four percent of viewers in the U.S. and France watch TV while sitting directly in front of their TVs, while more than half of viewers watch their LCD TVs from off-axis angles.

“As a mid-fielder, maintaining a wide view of the entire pitch is essential for making accurate passes and taking advantage of shooting opportunities,” said Lallana. “This experimental event showed me that wide viewing angles of a TV are just as important as having a wide view of the pitch for football players. This is a key advantage when watching sports on TV with your family or friends.”

LG’s 3rd-generation 2017 SUPER UHD TVs with Nano Cell display technology can deliver more accurate, richer colors at wider viewing angles than conventional LCD displays. What this means is that friends and family seated on a long couch will experience no difference in perceived color whether seated directly in front of LG’s SUPER UHD TV or at a 60-degree angle. With wider viewing angles, accurate colors and enhanced motion handling, LG SUPER UHD TVs are also the ideal platform for consumers to watch any content – live sports in particular – while helping them see all the information on the screen in perfect detail from any angle.

“We are thrilled that LG’s Nano Cell Super Match drew such a positive reaction from the global online community,” said J.S. Lee, vice president of the LG Home Entertainment Company Marketing Department. “With the success of our social media campaign, the company hopes to bring greater attention to the distinct disadvantages of conventional LCD TVs and their limited viewing angles, which degrade a viewer’s overall experience. The Nano Cell Super Match video will also allow more consumers to understand the importance of wider viewing angles when they are choosing a TV for their living room.”

Visitors at IFA 2017 in Berlin experienced the visible difference that wide viewing angles have on watching TV. Participants dropped by the LG Booth for an interactive experience which simulated what the football stars could and could not see during the Nano Cell Super Match. Additional details about the campaign can be found on www.lg.com/NanoCellSuperMatch

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