Circles.Life unveils free 20GB mobile plan in the region’s first “try-before-you-buy” telco business model

Circles.Life unveils free 20GB mobile plan in the region’s 
first “try-before-you-buy” telco business model
The digital telco plans to launch in Jakarta next year and is confident of hitting three to five percent market share by 2019 - two years ahead of plan.

Singapore, 16 October 2017 -  Circles.Life once again rewrites the rules for the telco industry with their launch of a “try-before-you-buy” business model. Now you can get a taste of the Circles.Life experience for free before deciding to buy a full plan with the launch of its new Circles Switch initiative. Circles Switch offers customers a free SIM-only line stocked with 20 GB monthly local data, 100 minutes of talktime and 20 SMS messages. There are no hidden costs whatsoever – no delivery charges, no registration fees nor SIM card costs.

This new service will run from today till the end of the year (31 December 2017) and is targeted at customers who are about to end their contracts, are tired of being tied to lock-in contracts and want to experience a new way of life where they can surf, post, game and stream without constantly worrying about busting their monthly data caps or the inflexibility of contracts. Circles Switch is just a glimpse of how our new “try before you buy” business model can be rolled out in the future.

Rameez Ansar, co-founder and director of Circles.Life said: “Since our launch last year, we have been single-mindedly focused on customer empowerment. In March, we shook the market with our 20 GB for $20 data upgrade plan (20/20 plan) which made bountiful data available to the customer at affordable prices. We are ready to challenge the status quo again and invite others still not on Circles.Life.”

“We want people to feel the power of an end-to-end digital telco service. We want people to feel the power of a Circles.Life no-contract plan over so called ‘subsidized’ 24-month contract plans. We want people to feel the power of 20 GB /month. Circles Switch makes it possible for people to try out our service for free. We are doing this because we are confident they will switch to a full Circles.Life plan.” he added.

Similar to other companies like Netflix’s free trial service, customers who try out Circles Switch will automatically switch over to a full Circles.Life base plan after the free period is over. Customers can then cancel anytime before the free period is over to avoid being charged.

Market share and regional expansion
With the success of initiatives such as the 20 GB for $20 data plus option and today’s unveiling of Circles Switch, Circles.Life is confident of hitting their local market share target of three to five percent 2 years earlier than expected.

Since its launch, Circles.Life has challenged the status quo of bundled, contracted, low data plans and led the market to shift towards no-contract SIM only plans with options for more data. Focusing on customer empowerment and customer satisfaction remain the key business strategy for the 15-month- old telco. This focus allows Circles.Life to achieve an industry leading Net Promoter Score  (NPS) of 54.  This is significantly above the competitive average of -25 (stats as per September, 2017 survey commissioned by Circles.Life and conducted by SSI). 

What’s next for International Expansion?
The demand for a digital telco service is strong globally with no provider that fulfils the needs of the global data savvy. Starting 2018, Circles.Life’s plans to bring their Singapore-grown model to the region.

Circles.Life confirmed their next stop is Indonesia. With foreign entities in place,  Circles.Life is currently operating at Block 71’s new location in Jakarta and is focused on building the local team including Operations, Product, and Network Engineering.

“We aim to launch our mobile service in Indonesia by next year.” added Mr Ansar.  

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