ESET Researchers Discover First-Ever Ransomware Misusing Android Accessibility Services

ESET Researchers Discover First-Ever Ransomware Misusing Android Accessibility Services 

ESET researchers have discovered DoubleLocker, an innovative Android malware that combines a cunning infection mechanism with two powerful tools for extorting money from its victims.

“DoubleLocker misuses Android accessibility services, which is a popular trick among cybercriminals. Its payload can change the device’s PIN, preventing the victim from accessing their device and encrypts the victim’s data. Such a combination hasn’t been seen yet in the Android ecosystem,” comments Lukáš Štefanko, ESET Malware Researcher who discovered DoubleLocker.

On top of being ransomware, DoubleLocker is based on the foundations of a particular, already documented banking Trojan. According to Štefanko, the functionality for harvesting users’ banking credentials and wiping out their accounts can be added easily.

“The additional functionality will turn this malware into what can be called ransom-banker,” warns Lukáš Štefanko, who claims he spotted a test version of such a ransom-banker in the wild in May 2017.

For more details, read an article on DoubleLocker at ESET’s official blog, WeLiveSecurity.

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