Gundam Versus Review | What Is This Warm And Fuzzy Feeling?

As the name suggests, Gundam Versus has a heavy focus on multiplayer. It comes with Player VS Player modes, such as 2v2, and even allows for some cooperative experiences with your friend or strangers from all over the world in Ultimate Battle mode. All of these are of course without any single-player storyline, if you were expecting any.


What is a Gundam game without a ton of different Mobile Suits? The game features a wide array of Gundams with over 90 units from 17 different anime series, ranging from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED to even Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam.


The game features several levels of customization. For starters, you will be able to set your favorite Battle Navigator, with Haro being the default. If you do want others, you would have to unlock them by completing several criteria, which can be quite a grind.

The Background Music can also be selected, with up to three songs for each Gundam you play as. The selection boasts some of each anime series' favorites such as "Invoke". Fighting each match while zooming around the battlefield with your favorite OST playing in the background can invoke a warm and fuzzy nostalgia. It can also make it seem as though you are actually in the Gundam universe.

You would also be able to set "Quick Selects" for simple coordination between your teammates.

Entering each match allows you to select your Gundam of choice, Striker (assists), pilot, as well as two of the available types of Awakening System.

The Awakening System is simpler as compared to its predecessor, with there being only two for players to choose from. Blaze Gear improves your Gundam's melee aspects, while Lightning Gear improves that of your range abilities. These can be activated once the bar at the bottom is at least half full, which is gained by either dealing or receiving damage. Not only does it boost your Gundam, it also affects your partner too. This means that you would also benefit if your partner 'Awakens'.

Ultimate Battle

One of the major modes in Gundam Versus is the Ultimate Battle. This mode allows you and another player or CPU to take on waves of enemies, while gaining points and experience that are needed to unlock other Gundams or Strikers.

One brand-new gameplay mechanic in the game is its "Boost Dive". This allows players to cancel slow animations and further increase their combos. This providing a faster and more fluid combat experience.

To spice things up, boss waves are added to the mix at every 5 rounds. Once you have taken down the boss, the game provides you with a short break for you to upgrade the various stats of your Gundam.

What makes this mode shine is its introduction of Extra Waves. At random, you can be sucked into another game mode without any warning. These waves vary from needing to cooperate and fight a player-controlled boss, or to race and see who kills the most number of enemies. Additionally, bonus rewards will be given to the winning team/player. These adds some form of excitement which kept me coming back for more.

There was one issue that I faced in a 3v3 match. The game was severely lagging then, with the frames dropping at a ridiculous pace. However, it could be a one-time off incident as other matches were silky smooth.


Gundam Versus is a great looking game, even while being a console game. Its battlefields feature destructible environments, while the various types of projectiles and beams adds a beautiful and familiar flair that is ever so present in the Gundam series. Together with its easy to pick up controls, the game just is a great game to lie back and enjoy. I would definitely recommend it for fans of the Gundam series.

More screenshots of the game can be seen below.

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