Logitech Just Made Wireless Gaming Less Painful With Their G903

Gone with the old, in with the new. Wired peripherals' mind shares have been slowly eaten by wireless ones, as the latter has provided users with a significant number of benefits. Most would agree that the wired aspect of a gadget is a bane to those who own many. For them, keeping the room, and even the table tidy can be a tough task. On the other side of the argument, latency and the need to switch/recharge batteries on wireless peripherals is a deal-breaker for many.

However, there is an increasing number wireless gaming peripherals that are popping up into the market these days. Of course, the challenge of these products is to defy the technological limitations in terms of battery life and latency. While brands "yada yada" away with their marketing talks, you would probably also expect this article to be about Logitech releasing a product with "MOAR BATTERY LIFE" or "50% LOWER LATENCY"

Nope, not today! Logitech allowed us to have a hands-on session with their Logitech G903, a gaming mouse that features LIGHTSPEED and POWERPLAY. What this translate into is the near latency-free report rate of 1ms and wireless charging while in use. All of these includes protection from wireless interference, which preventing jitters and jumps when using the G903.

In a short CS:GO gaming session with the other journalists and eSports player, we got the chance to experience the G903 (mouse) and the G613 (keyboard) for its actual use case. The G903 and G613 are both peripherals which are part of Logitech G's new lineup of wireless gaming  

There were no odd behaviors with the setup when in use and we could not tell the difference in terms of latency between the G903 and an actual wired gaming mouse! Response times were quick, while the movement of the pointer could stay smooth and precise. Not to mention, the battery level of the G903 did not drop during the entire playthrough. Take this with a grain of salt as I am not a professional eSports player, but I do own and use gaming mouse to game in the past and present.

All in all, the Logitech G903 handles like a fine steed, graceful and promising.

Our experience with the G613 keyboard was good as well. As we have a review unit for loan, we will share with you more details in the upcoming review article.

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