Leading audio brand JBL® presents a gift guide guaranteed to elevate your Christmas – because no gift sounds better than hot new audio gear.

SINGAPORE, October 2017 – Tis’ the season for rockin’ good times. For over 70 years, award-winning audio brand JBL® has taken pride in bringing people closer together through elevated musical experiences that take living to the next level. This holiday season, JBL challenges you to celebrate life, spark joy, and chase amplified moments with the people you love. Pamper your family and friends with this round-up of goodies perfect for every age and lifestyle - making life more epic, one gift at a time.


[ M U S I C   E N T H U S I A S T S ]

For the on-the-go music lover: JBL T110BT, S$59.90  Best company for the bus ride home.
Commutes don’t have to be a drag when accompanied by your favourite tunes. For people constantly on the move, the JBL T110BT offers the best company. This pair of in-ear wireless headphones features easy controls and convenient Bluetooth streaming, providing a fuss-free experience of the JBL pure bass sound. Designed for an ergonomic fit, the neckband cable stays comfortably on the neck for long-lasting listening pleasure, anywhere.

For the hustling go-getter: JBL Free, S$199.00 Best musical ally from day to night. Absolutely no wires mean absolute freedom. Perfect for fast-paced movers and shakers, the JBL Free delivers the brand’s signature sound in an intuitive, intelligent package. These wireless in-ear headphones are a flexible companion for music, calls, and an active lifestyle – ideal for going about your day seamlessly. The JBL Free comes with a smart charging case that powers it up when not in use, offering 24 hours of combined total playback. Top-tier ergonomics also guarantee a comfortable tailored fit for all-day wear. Plus, it’s splash-proof – so no weather can interrupt the rhythm of your music (or your day).

For the stylish audiophile: JBL Playlist, S$299.00  Best presence to fill a room.
Nothing fills a home like a good, solid playlist. We’re all familiar with the Bluetooth function, but this all-new speaker from JBL takes the game to a whole new level. With Chromecast built-in, the JBL Playlist provides truly undisturbed music streaming. With a tap of the Cast button, you can instantly play tracks from your favourite mobile music apps – streamed directly from the cloud, so you get the highest possible sound quality. Chromecast also allows you to keep using your phone as you cast your tunes – finally a way to answer calls, play games, and even leave the room, all without interrupting what’s playing on the speakers. Here’s to the gift of easy listening, and a sleek, stylish addition to any home.

For the ultimate jet-setter: AKG N60BT NC, S$369.00 Best travel aide for a smooth, peaceful journey. What every frequent traveller wants (and needs) is some peace and quiet on those pesky long-haul flights. The AKG N60BT NC was designed with this in mind. These premium on-ear headphones are compact and well-designed with soft leather-covered ear cups, perfect for flying in comfort and style. Its active noise-cancelling technology reduces ambient noise to create a perfect sound environment for being alone with your music and yourself. Let your senses take flight with AKG’s clear, world-class acoustic signature with a warm bass response - so whether for business or leisure, every journey is a pleasure. These smart and sophisticated headphones are the perfect gift of some wildly craved shut-eye.

[ E N T E R T A I N M E N T   L O V E R S ]  

For the Netflix buff: JBL Flip 4, S$179.00
Best companion for a Netflix binge and ultimate me-time.
There’s nothing like coming home after a long day to an indulgent – and well-deserved - entertainment binge. The JBL Flip 4 is a wireless speaker that offers hassle-free Bluetooth connectivity and 12 hours of playtime. This small package with powerful stereo sound allows for a fully immersive video experience. The Flip 4 can be placed vertically or laid down horizontally (thus its moniker), so it makes for great company whether it’s streaming dramas at the dining table, or watching sitcoms all snuggled up in bed. We can’t think of a better reward for the people in our lives who deserve some serious down-time.

[ P A R T Y   P E O P L E ]  

For the smooth charmer: JBL Pulse 3, S$339.00 Best accessory to set the mood.
Meet the perfect wingman – a speaker like no other. Reminiscent of a lava lamp, the JBL Pulse 3 is sound that you can see. The best part? With the JBL Connect+ App, users can enjoy full creative control over the stunning 360degrees light and sound display. Apply different colour and light themes, or create your own – it’s all in your hands.
With its vibrant display and rich sound quality, this wireless Bluetooth speaker sure knows how to create an atmosphere.

For the epic party host: JBL Boombox, S$599.00 Best sidekick to host a party ‘round the clock. It isn’t a party until you’ve got a solid speaker laying down sick beats and a blasting, hard-hitting bass. The JBL Boombox has got you covered – it keeps the party rocking for up to 24 hours with top-quality sound thanks to a powerful and long-lasting battery. This wireless Bluetooth streaming device is also the biggest portable speaker available, and packs a serious punch with its booming sound. Rugged enough to handle the wildest tailgate party, the JBL Boombox is IPX7 waterproof, which withstands any weather and even the most epic pool or beach events. This speaker is a treat for the life of the party.

[ A C T I V E   G O – G E T T E R S ]

For the fitness enthusiast: JBL Reflect Fit, S$199.00 Best partner for a late-night run.
Trying to keep pace while fighting to get those earbuds to stay put – this is a struggle every runner knows too well. Fortunately, the JBL Reflect Fit offers a solution for a truly liberating workout. These wireless in-ear headphones rest securely behind the neck for comfortable and hassle-free wear, great for nailing those interval runs. With reflective cables designed for ultimate visibility, these are ideal for those who love a good exercise after dark. Also featuring a heart rate monitor compatible with most popular workout apps, the sweat-proof JBL Reflect Fit is the perfect musical fit for even the most intense of sweat sessions.

For the adventuring wayfarer: JBL Charge 3, S$279.00 Best pal for hanging out anywhere. The JBL Charge 3 is the ultimate portable Bluetooth speaker – a sure-fire way to elevate any adventure. With powerful stereo sound and a power bank all in one, it allows you to listen wirelessly and charge your devices. With its durable fabric material and rugged rubber housing, this speaker is ready to outlast all escapades. It is also IPX7 Waterproof, so you can have your favourite tracks by your side no matter the weather or setting. The perfect go-to gadget for those adventure-seeking wanderer types.

[ M I N I   A U D I O P H I L E S ]

For the kid DJ: JBL Jr JR300, S$39.90 & JR300BT, S$79.90 Best playmate for your fun-loving kid.
Behold the ultimate gift for every child – the gift of sound! The newly launched JBL Jr headphones come in wired and wireless models, specifically designed to bring youngsters a whole lot of happiness. Whether it’s music, movies, or video games – kids can enjoy amazing sound in both comfort and style. Meanwhile, parents can breathe easy as volume levels are kept safe for little ears, and a solid outer design is built to withstand even the toughest action. Coming with child-friendly buttons and a superfun sticker pack for personalisation, these brightly coloured headphones are sure to be a hit with the kids!  


All featured JBL and AKG products are available for purchase at all leading retailers.   

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